DIY Air Plant Holder


If you have a real Christmas tree you decorated this year, you’re 1. likely vacuuming pine needles daily like Jessica, and 2. about to recycle your tree.

Before you get rid of the tree forever, if you can, slice the trunk into discs. You can use them for so many crafts projects, but additionally, you can make a DIY air plant holder in less than 5 minutes. It makes for a great gift.


  • air plant
  • wood discs/slices
  • gold pushpins
  • leather


  • Place the air plant on the wood slice and measure the length the leather needs to be.
  • Cut the leather.
  • Insert the push pins into both ends of the leather into the wood slice.
  • Place the air plant through the leather holder.
  • You can drill a small hole through the top of the wood slice if you want to hang the air pant holder. Or, you can use Command strips on the back for damage-free hanging.




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