DIY Chocolate Valentine’s Gift


Sometimes when we walk down the candy aisle at the grocery store, we just can’t control ourselves. One of our favorite treats to sneak into the cart is yummy chocolate caramel bites, known as Riesen {pronounced just like the word reason}. Our Nani introduced the candy to us years ago, so as we chew the deliciousness that is Riesen, we lovingly think about her. She also loves Valentine’s Day, which made it the perfect reason to tell her how much we love her, and do it with her favorite candy.

A pillow box is in the mail to our Nani with her favorite candy, and all the Riesens or “Reasons” we love her.


To re-create for someone you love, you’ll need:

  • A pillow box. We bought a pack of 5 from Target
  • A bag of Riesen candy
  • Paper {Astrobrights Paper}
  • Glue stick
  • A Silhouette electronic cutting machine {Sharpie or stickers will work too}
  • A lovely person to send it to

We used our Silhouette to design the wording on the front of the pillow box, as well as the numbers. If you don’t have a Silhouette {you should add it to your want list}, you can also write or print your own design, or buy stickers. We used a glue stick for all the letters and numbers, as well as on the bottom of the candy wrapper to keep them in place on the paper. Finally, write all the reasons why you love the person your sending it to on small pieces of paper.

It’s a simple, cheap way to share love and chocolate. It’s going to make your loved one’s day…and you get to eat chocolate in the process. Win-win.


{photos via j. sorelle}