{wedding diy} cruiser bike escort card

INphotography-cruiser bike escort card table

Yesterday you saw Sara and Jed’s gorgeous wedding, and if your like us, your heart swooned with the red cruiser bike escort card table. Today Sara is sharing her tips on how to re-create for your own wedding or party.

In Sara’s words…Jed and I together own seven bikes (I know, a bit excessive!). Two of them are cruiser bikes..mine of course being the pretty red one we used. 🙂  For someone who likes the place card idea, but doesn’t own a cruiser bike, I’d recommend that they ask around among their friends to see if they could borrow one or perhaps try calling a bike shop as there are some that will rent them (a tandem bike would also be cute).  had purchased a wicker basket for my cruiser bike a long time ago and thought that would be a great option for a floral display, so I dropped the basket off to my florist, Bella Lu Floral, a few weeks before the wedding and she put together something pretty!  Adding some greenery or additional flowers around the base of the bike would also be nice, we just opted against that.

INphotography-cruiser bike escort card table

How To

  • Give the bike a good wash, design and print all the place cards and start clothes pinning.  
  • Clothes pin sized 1 7/8″ worked best with paper thickness and spoke size.  
  • Also, depending upon how many place cards you have, you’ll need to be mindful of their size as well.  We had 110 place cards which were 3.5″ X 4 1/4″ and this was about the max of how many we could fit on two wheels without it looking stuffed. 
  • Divide the place cards evenly in to four groups to how many to affix to both sides of the front and back wheels. 
  • We decided to run things alphabetically by last name with A starting in the 12pm position on the front wheel and then spiraling inward (clockwise) as we went down the alphabet.  Grouping by table didn’t seem like it would work very well for something like this.

Other Important Tips

  • Do the arranging prior to the wedding.  Don’t leave this for the day of as it takes a little bit of work to make everything fit and look pretty.
  • Once done, you’ll need to find a way to keep things stuck in place so place cards don’t fall off or move during transport to your venue.  Our day of planner suggested Saran wrap and it worked out perfectly!  So after we were done, each wheel was heavily wrapped!
  • Find a nice friend with a large SUV to fit the bike in the back of their car and drive it to your wedding venue!
  • After cocktail hour was over, asked your planner to move the bike over to the dinner/dancing space. It made for a fun decor item and the beautiful flower arrangement that could still be enjoyed!

INphotography_cruiser bike diy

Thanks to IN Photography for the beautiful photos!