bugalicious fun

My sweet babies turned 1-year-old and 3-years-old last week. This year’s party theme…bugs. Caterpillars, ants and worms, and ladybugs for our little lady.

I think it’s just the cute decor possibilities that lured me into throwing a bug party because I am the type to scream and panic when I see bugs, and the thought of anything crawling on me gives me the creeps. But, it was a really fun party for the kids. We did it on a budget this year, so although I would’ve liked to do a lot more, the credit card will thank me at the end of this month. 🙂

We served brunch – egg casserole, blueberry coffee cake, fruit skewers, a delicious french toast casserole and a yogurt bar along with a milk and juice {and champagne for mimosa’s for the adults} bar.


We served Potted Chocolate Mint Pudding with gummy worms in 1/2 pint mason jars and “bug candy” for dessert.

I found a frame with wire in the middle, and used it as a prop for photos on the yogurt bar. Jameson, ages 1, 2 and 3 were on display, and for Gabriella, months 1 through 12. I used numbered labels made by Jenna at Fleur de Lis, and used a hot glue gun to adhere them to clothes pins.

I tried the crepe paper weave, and it was super easy and cheap – 2 rolls of crepe paper for 97 cents each. Steal!

Caterpillars, made of balloons, made appearances throughout the inside and outside of the house.

Fleur de Lis designed all the paper products for the party including the adorable invite, water bottle labels, tags and toppers.


 We bought bug catchers from Michaels for each toddler and found bug-catching tools to place inside. Before everyone arrived, we hid candy and big fake bugs {from Walmart} in the backyard, so once we were ready, the kids were off on a bug hunting adventure.

Once they caught all the fake bugs, we released 2,000 live lady bugs {bought from O’Toole’s Garden Center} they caught in their catchers too.

Exciting news about all the cute paper products for this party – you can customize and purchase for your little ones at Fleur de Lis in Denver. If you don’t live in Denver, you can order through our etsy store here. All the stationery for this party is available for purchase. yay!

{images via Tutto Bella}


  1. Kate Wilson says

    I may have to use some of these ideas, Jess!!! Super cute.

    • jessica says

      Thanks Kate! You get to plan a first birthday soon. He will be 1 before you know it. How fun! Give adorable Cyrus hugs from us!

  2. Thanks for the Fleur de Lis shout out Jess! So fun designing the invites, water bottle labels, dessert labels, etc with you. Can’t wait to see what we think of for next year’s birthday party 🙂 !!!

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