push gifts

I never heard of a ‘push gift’ until I had my first child. Now, I am fully aware, and a fan of the idea. Of course, a healthy baby is the ULTIMATE AND BEST gift, and second to that is help, love and emotional support from a partner…but if anyone deserves a little pampering, it’s a new mom who just survived labor!

For those of you who do not know what a “push gift” is, let me educate you…it’s a present your hubby or partner gets you for carrying and generally pushing the baby out (C-section moms definitely deserve one too).

I jokingly asked my hubby before the birth of our son, “What’s my push gift going to be?” At the time, he was building our first home, so he simply and confidently replied, “A house.”

Okay, so that was more than enough and I LOVE our home. It’s beautiful.

Well, now I’m a candidate for a “push gift” again as I just had our 3rd child. So, I’m on the look-out for that sweet, fabulous and WELL-DESERVED “push gift.”

Here’s what I came up with…

{I’d love to hear if you’ve received any great “push gifts” and what they were…please share!}

Diamond Stackable Band
If you have the budget for it, I love the idea of adding a diamond band above or below your wedding ring for every child, or designing a “mom ring” with all the children’s birthstones in one unique design.

Calendar Bracelet, Dalla Nonna Jewelry, $125
{necklaces available too}

Numeric Stackable Ring, Gorjana-Griffin {$30}
{buy the number of kids you have…or will have post birth} 

Birth Photographer or Newborn Photography Session
{if she is open to people being in the delivery room, having a professional photographer capture all the unforgettable moments during labor and the first moments you meet your new baby is priceless}

If she is not open to having her birth documented, a newborn photography session is a wonderful gift idea and a nice way to capture a newborn sweet face, cuddle poses and the moments of sweet new life…which moms know doesn’t last long!

Art Date Print, The Memory Gallery via Etsy

Cartier Love Bracelet, $5,575
{a girl can dream, right?}

Designer Diaper Bag, Kate Spade, $348
{help the new mom feel fashionably fabulous with a designer diaper bag}

{images via Harry Winston via Pinterest, Meredith Moran PhotographyDalla Nonna JewelryThe Memory Gallery, Cartier, Gorjana-Griffin, Kate Spade}.