new {i see me} book: goodnight little me

We are BIG fans of the I See Me books, not only as bloggers looking for great gift finds, but as mothers.

My son is one and a half, and LOVES to read books. We have a couple I See Me books, and love that they are personalized for our sweet boy. It makes reading more personal, special and fun. They are fantastic, unique gifts for babies and kids for birthdays, showers and now during Christmas time (hint, hint! This is coming up soon).

When we received our new I See Me book Goodnight Little Me, we stopped in our tracks to read it immediately! First of all, I love the larger size of the book. I also love the rich colors and seeing my son’s name spelled out on each page. This book presents a sweet parade of animals and lullabies page to page with whimsical illustrations. This sweet books is written by Jennifer Dewing and illustrated by Mary GrandPre, known for her magical illustrations from the Harry Potter series.

Books being the best resource for learning, we point out all the animals in the parade on each page, count the letters of his name, point out each letter of his name. There is so much to look at, read, and get lost in our imaginations in this book. It is the perfect book before bedtime and for all ages. Right now he likes to just listen and look. Before I know it we will be teaching him to read this book himself. My son will always have this book in his collection, with a special dedication written inside from his mother and father.

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goodnight little me

goodnight little me

goodnight little me

{Images via I See Me}

peg…you’re it!

I was shopping the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale yesterday {yes, it’s Anniversary Sale time…so you must go…although try to do it without 3 kiddos running around – that’s what I did and it was not productive, in fact it was a disaster}. I had never spent time in the Infant/Toddler section. Ladies, I am going to hang out there more often! I love it, and so did my kids. I found inspiration for my home, they had a playhouse, an art table, exotic fish tank and toys, books and puzzles for the kids to play with. Smart of Nordy’s because we spent so much time there, I had no option but to shop while the kids played.

While I was there, I saw large peg boards they decorated with baskets, flowers and kids art. I fell in love, and am determined to create a framed, organized peg wall in my home for my kids.

As I discover more about peg boards, I am certain everyone needs one for a little more organization, and for event decor! I’m adding it to the ‘Honey-Do’ List today.

Honeybear Lane impresses with this large, framed peg board for her craft room.

The sisters at Shanty2Chic are SO talented and I fell in love with this DIY peg board they made for a friends nursery. Learn how-to here.

 We love this Jewelry and Accessories Station handmade by The 36th Avenue.

Seriously, this table runner at Ruffled Blog is so creative and unique.

Ruffled Blog WOWS us again with the cityscape backdrop made of peg board. So cool!

Gotta love color coordination. Something about it just makes us happy and feel organized. Check out this Mad in Craft runway-ready, colorful peg board.

Here is my quick phone camera photo from my trip to Nordstrom. I love how they decorated with tissue paper flowers and daisy’s, plus incorporated baskets for storage.

{images via Honeybear Lane, Shanty2Chic, The 36th Avenue, Ruffled Blog, one photo by Rebecca Hansen, Mad in Craft, Tutto Bella}

you are my sunshine

As a first time mommy, I’m a little sad to say that my daughter was 5 months old by the time I finished her room. I think most moms have it finished weeks or even months before the baby is even born! BUT, in my defense, my hubby and I didn’t find out the sex of the baby until she was born. So, I figure that bought me some extra time, right?

When we moved into our house, the room was painted the cutest blue tones. It would have been perfect if we knew we were having a boy, but we didn’t want to take our chances. Grey is neutral and the perfect soft color for a baby nursery. Painting the walls and our hand-me-down furniture were our only accomplishments we finished while I was preggo. We decided if it was a girl, we would to grey and yellow {because I’m obsessed with those tones and because yellow is the best color EVER :-) } and if was a boy, we would do grey and navy.

For the record, yellow is a tough color. Everything ‘baby’ in yellow looks like butter, popcorn yellow. I wanted a bright, vibrant and fun yellow. It took me some time because I was on a budget, and I didn’t want to buy things just to fill up the room.
{Note: painting furniture is a fun, inexpensive way to brighten up a room with color!}

Here’s the skinny on where I found everything:

Crib: Munire ‘Conventry’, Guys and Dolls Furniture
Elephany mobile: Pottery Barn Kids
You Are My Sunshine design: Fleur de Lis (a paperie), available for purchase here {set of 4 for $20}
Isn’t She Lovely design {white frame with chevron design}: Fleur de Lis (a paperie)
White frames and flowers: Hobby Lobby
Jellycat ‘Dante’ Donkey: Fleur de Lis (a paperie)
Baby name letters, crib sheets and crib skirt: Firefly Furnishings (letters painted yellow at home)
Chevron toy basket: Treasured Totes via Etsy
Furniture Paint: ‘Sunshine’, Home Depot

{images via Tutto Bella}


As you know, Jodi is expecting a baby in about a month {I’m so excited, I can hardly stand it}, and we recently celebrated her beautiful baby shower {pics of that cuteness to come soon}. As a mom of 3, I of course have opinions and tips on everything related to ‘baby.’ However, there is one subject that I am very vocal about…breastfeeding. This may be TMI {too much information}, but I’ve had it all – mastitis {breast infection}, engorgement, toe-curling pain, bleeding, constant leaking, inconvenience, etc ALL THREE TIMES. I’ve managed to stick with it for many reasons {6-9 months with the first two and I’m on month number 3 with the 3rd}, but it’s tough. I’m honest about it because everyone I saw breastfeeding as a mom {before I experienced motherhood} made it look so easy and pain-free, and that wasn’t the case for me, so I wanted my sister to be “in the know” about all the things women may not always confess…

Thus is the purpose for my shower gift cleverly presented in a ‘bra-sket” complete with a Bebe au Lait Hooter Hider, cream, nursing pads, a bra filled with a pink and blue ‘boob-balloons’ and a breastfeeding poem written by your truly titled, Boobs…Your Babies Breast Friend. Jodi got a laugh out of it, as did all the women at the shower. After being asked for it several times from other women for upcoming shower gifts, we’ve decided to sell in our etsy store. You can buy it here for your new mom friend…believe me…she will love it.

Jodi is framing her copy because it matches her nursery, it’s chevron and when she’s breastfeeding her baby, it will make her laugh.

If you can’t read the words, please let us know and we will fix it so you can properly read it and laugh!

{images via Tutto Bella}

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jackson’s debut

As you know, we welcomed a beautiful, new little man in our lives at the end of July. While we are adjusting to life at home with 3, it can be quite busy and stressful at times, but the priceless time of having a baby is fleeting and we are trying to take it all in. Yesterday, Jackson was smiling and cooing as I was talking to him, and I had tears of pure joy in my eyes. I was so incredibly happy as he looked at me with so much love and wonder. So, in light of my blissful {and sleep deprived} state, I wanted to share some pics of our family photo shoot back in August. The talented Meredith of Meredith Moran Photography, drove up from Denver to spend the day with us. After many poop stained blankets {during the naked shots, Jackson’s insides were definitely working}, and unsuccessful props {Jackson refused to sleep most of the shoot, especially posed in a cowboy boot and cowboy hat} Mer was able to capture some great shots. Here’s a sneak peek.


For those of you interested in a family photo session, Meredith is offering Tutto Bella readers $50 off a mini photo session. Just mention our blog, and you can schedule a 1.5 hour session {and cd of images} for only $99. And since its time to order holiday cards, once you get your adorable photos, call Jenna and Jodi at Fleur de Lis to order your holiday cards today. Even if you live out-of-state, they will design and/or find a card perfect for your family.  And, lucky you, Fleur de Lis, is offering 20% off all orders through the month of October.

{images via Meredith Moran Photography}