Easter Watercolor Bunny Tail Cups


One of our favorite Easter memories from childhood is the year the Easter bunny brought us chicks. Yes, real live chicks. And, they were green and pink. Sounds totally inhumane, and honestly we have no idea how they did it, or whether it was permanent or not. But, all we know is that the Easter bunny brought us colorful chicks, and we got to feed, pet and care for them for a whole week before we had to bring them back home to a local farm.

Besides our brief stint with chicks, the only real pet we had throughout our childhood was a rabbit. Sweet Thumper.

Painting these DIY bunny tail paper cups brought back memories of our pet rabbit, and the fun memories chasing him all over the yard.

These would make for a cheap and easy addition to your Easter table setting, or a lovely gift filled with candy or small gifts…so let’s hop to it.


You’ll Need:

  • paper cups {.97 cents for 10}
  • watercolor paints {quality brand like Windsor and Newton, brush and cup of water}
  • cotton balls
  • hot glue gun

How To:

  • Print and cut an outline of a rabbit you find online.
  • Place the rabbit on the cup and lightly trace around it with a pencil.
  • Dip your brush into watercolor paint, and a touch of water and paint within and just on the pencil outline {so you don’t see it} of the rabbit.
  • Let dry.
  • Glue the cotton ball on the tail of the bunny.


Hoppy Easter!

{images via j. sorelle}