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bloody mary recipe_jsorelle

There’s something about a Bloody Mary. So, so good. It’s a tradition that we cheers with a Bloody Mary in hand at my grandma and grandpa’s Easter celebration. My incredibly cool aunt Marti is our volunteer bartender {it’s on her resume from her college days}, and she is good y’all! I asked her to share her delish Bloody Mary recipe with us because I was craving one and honestly hers in the best, and she kindly obliged. So, either start the FAC early with one of these this evening…or start the day off good with one tomorrow. She sent a bonus recipe for another cocktail too, so we’ll share soon.

bloody mary recipe_jsorelle

Bloody Mary Recipe
recipe by cool aunt Marti
servings: good for one Bloody Mary

You’ll Need
1 shot vodka (if you want it stronger, 2 is ok and good quality vodka Kettle One or Absolut is recommended)
5 dashes of worcestershire sauce
3-4 shakes pepper
3 shakes celery salt
1/4 cup pickle juice
Tabasco to taste {5 dashes tasted good}
Fill the glass with tomato juice {ends up being about 1 cup} and mix!

 Note: You can always add more tabasco or picked juice. And, aunt Marti recommends preparing it in a shake glass so you can shake and mix well. Garnish with salt around the rim and of course, add a pickle, pepperocini or celery.
bloody mary ingredients_jsorelle
bloody mary recipe_jsorelle
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Have yourself a lovely Spring, Easter weekend…

1. Do yourself a favor, and listen to some John Legend this weekend. I have always liked John Legend. But after an intimate concert my hubby and I went to last week {yes, date night}, I’m obsessed! His voice was flawless, his humor was sincere and funny and his honesty in sharing his story made him even more personable and lovable. I would share our video we took of his famous “All of Me” but you would hear my hubby and I in the background singing…and that may ruin it for you. So, this weekend, listen to  ’You and I’ {1st video below…song starts at 0:50}, ‘Good Morning,’ ‘Tonight {Best You Ever Had}’, ‘All of Me’ and one of my faves, ‘Stay with You.’

2. Jenna daydreams of devouring this daily, and now that she’s no longer preggo, she can! Cheers to Moscato Jello Parfaits.

3. This birthday cake you can send in the mail is better than a chocolate cake!!

4. Make this French Toast for brunch this weekend…SO incredibly delicious.

5. This video and story couldn’t be any sweeter, more beautiful, heartbreaking or inspiring.

 {video via YouTube}

garden essentials for the kiddos

garden kits for kids_jsorelle

Nani and Mimi have the Easter baskets filled with goodies, accessories and clothes, so instead of a typical Easter Basket this year, we bought the kids their own gardening essentials to grow their favorite vegetables. My fave, Target’s dollar section, had colorful watering cans for just $3 each and gardening tools, and good ‘ole Home Depot supplied the organic cucumber, carrot and pepper seed packets, as well as the Transplant Peat Pots.

You’ll Need:
organic potting soil
biodegradable peat pots
cellophane bags
seeds packets
watering can
name labels

How To:
Fill the cellophane bags with potting soil and tie a bow, then just fill the watering cans with the gardening goods. All the kids need to do is plant, water, find a sunny spot…and watch them grow. Once the weather gets warm, we will transplant the biodegradable pots into pots or the garden.

DIY gardening kits for kids_jsorelle

DIY gardening kit for kids_jsorelle

DIY gardening kits_jsorelle

DIY gardening kits_jsorelle

DIY gardening kits for kids_jsorelle

It’s a fun project for the kids {especially on Monday, April 22 – Earth Day}, teaches them the responsibility necessary to take care of something, and they will have the opportunity to watch and eat what they sow.

NOTE: The potting soil bags look slightly foggy – seems the soil was somewhat wet, and when I took the watering cans outside, the outside cold temps ‘frosted’ the bags.

{images via j. sorelle}

happy easter sundae {free printable}

happy easter sundae_jsorelle

We are planning to celebrate the upcoming Easter Sunday by first, spending time in prayer and reverence at church in our finest spring pastels, devouring a delicious brunch with family and friends {accompanied with a mimosa or bloody mary}, participating in an Easter Egg Hunt with the kiddos and then topping the Holy Day off with an Easter Sundae {beautifully and cleverly packaged, of course}.

Our FREE Happy Easter Sundae printable is available now. All you have to do is download and print the free printable here, find a cute box or bag, and get to the store to buy ice cream and all the yummy sundae fixin’s. This makes for a lovely hostess gift on Easter, and also a fun end {or beginning if you want} to the day. Vanilla ice cream covered in torn pieces of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Egg sounds so amazing right now!

easter sundae_jsorelle_FREEPRINTABLE

happy easter sundae_jsorelle

I bought my Kraft box at Target {$3 in dollar bins…omg, I LOVE and crave the dollar bins at Target}, and filled it with pastel paper shreds, treat bowls, colorful spoons and napkins, and chocolate syrup and sprinkle toppings conveniently stored in adorable $1 glass jars {also from the Target dollar bins}.

happy easter sundae_jsorelle

happy easter sundae_jsorelle

happy easter sundae_jsorelle

{images via j. sorelle}

egg-stra special sunflower

sunflower eggs_jsorelle

Martha Stewart’s team sent out an newsletter e-mail with information about an Egg Decorating competition, and although they probably had thousands upon thousands of applicants, part of me thought, ‘why not just attempt a semi-creative egg and see how it turns out, and maybe I can enter?’ Well, it turned out to be a fun project for the kids and I on a cold day, and I like the way it turned out.

I know sunflowers do not typically go hand-in-hand with Easter, but the texture with the ground espresso {oh, and the amazing smell} and the bright yellow color lured me in. Maybe you can follow some of the same steps below and use eggs to create Tulips for your Easter table? If you do, pretty please send me photos.

You’ll Need:
hard, white eggs {they are not plastic, but more plaster and do not open}
hot glue gun
a screwdriver {to screw or drill a hole into the bottom of the egg}
green acrylic paint
ground coffee or espresso beans {they add the sunflower texture}

How To:

egg sunflower 6steps_

1. Find a sunflower you can part with, and remove it from the stem {I was able to just pull mine off}, and remove all the greenery under the leaves.
2. Cut a circle in the center of the flower – I guessed at the size, and when it was too small, I cut it to make it larger.
3. Slide the flower over the egg and put a little tu-tu {otherwise known as sunflower leaves tu-tu} on it. If it fits snugly, fantastic, and if not, add some hot glue to keep it in place.
3.5. {not pictured} Use a screwdriver or nail and hammer to put a small hole in the bottom side of one egg. I did this, with not much muscle strength.
4. Pull all the leaves back and hold them with your hand. Add a generous, but not too heavy, amount of Modge-Podge.
5. Gently rub the Modge-Podge covered egg in espresso or ground coffee beans.
6. Insert a toothpick in the hole, and paint green acrylic paint on the bottom of the egg. Then place in cardboard or styrofoam to let it dry.

Once it’s dry, add the egg flower back to the stem {mine had little stems to keep them in place}.

You will have an egg-stra special centerpiece for your Easter party!!

diy egg sunflower centerpiece_jsorelle

DIY egg sunflower_jsorelle

diy egg sunflower_jsorelle

{images via j. sorelle}