Halloween Decor: DIY Googly Eye Wax Candles

DIY eyeball candles

We’ve got major heart eyes for these DIY eyeball candles. It’s subtle, but an amazing DIY candle upgrade for Halloween. The candle is store-bought, but the DIY eyeballs take less then 30 minutes to add, and the supplies needed are minimal. These are not traditional plastic eyeballs, because that would be a fire hazard…instead, these googly eyes are made from wax.

Once Halloween is over, you can store the candles as-is, or scrape off the eyes, and you have your standard black candles back!

DIY Eyeball Candles for Halloween 


  • Soy candle wax, white
  • Crayon, black
  • Black taper candles
  • Heat-safe glass with spout (glass measuring cup works great)
  • Pot with about 2 cups water on the stove
  • Bamboo skewer, 2 for each color wax


Step 1: Pour about 2 tablespoons candle wax flakes in the glass measuring cup. Set the cup in a pot with water on the stove. Set heat to high and watch it melt. You will not even use it all the wax for these DIY eyeballs, but you can add more if needed. We didn’t use a white crayon with this project because we couldn’t find one. We have 5 of every other crayon, but not white. You can try to use a crayon instead of the soy wax. The black crayon we used for the eyeball was easy to melt and use; however it was somewhat fickle attaching to the white eyeball. By fickle, we mean, the wax had to be very hot and sometimes it would take a second try to stick to the white eyeball (so not THAT fickle). So, we are not sure if this was due to the fact that they are two different kinds of wax, or if the crayons are slightly different to work with.

halloween candles

Step 2: Use the end of the bamboo skewer (the round, flat end, NOT the pointy end) to dab into the hot white wax, and then dab onto the candlestick. You can let the wax cool a bit, so it hardens faster on the candle. As you know a candlestick is round, so if you tilt, the eyeball will be a little deformed. We dabbed a couple drops of wax along one “side” of the candle, and once they turned white and hardened, we would rotate the candle and dab along another edge. The wax takes about 30 seconds to harden, so this is not too time consuming.

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts

Step 3: Once you have all the white eyeballs, now it’s time to melt the black crayon. It’s easier to melt the black crayon if you use a knife to cut it into little shavings. When it’s melted, time to dip the skewer (you can try either end of the skewer, depending on the size of the white eye) and dab gently on each eye. If the black doesn’t attach right away, like we mentioned above, dip it into the melted crayon wax again (make sure it’s hot) and try again. It should work, even if it takes a try or two.

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts


Step 4: Step them in a safe taper candle holder, and watch them glow as Halloween nears. As always, with any kind of candle or candle-related project, please be careful. Don’t ever leave candles unattended, or within close reach of children. Keep flammables away from open flames. Be smart.

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts

diy googly eye halloween candles-halloween crafts

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When I met Jillian at this year’s ICON Awards, I knew I wanted to learn more about her business. She was wearing a fashionable peplum top and she was so friendly. Both of us ran out of business cards when we met at the end of the evening, but with a unique company name, I didn’t forget it, and once I looked it up, I was ‘stung’ by ‘the hive.’ Let me introduce you to a fabulous, talented, fun and amazing group of women who are going to {already do} rock the event world with their decor company.

Eclectic Hive.

It’s a Colorado decor house and furniture rental company with unique decor for corporate functions, weddings, non-profit and social events.

Honestly, I took one look at their inventory and wanted to move in…or take some pieces home with me. I could live in a different ‘room’ in their warehouse each day of the week. From vintage couches, modern chairs and antique tables to eclectic accessories and unique lighting – their inventory will blow your mind.

The ladies at The Hive are constantly searching the streets of New York City, the markets in LA, vintage shops and small businesses across the country to find unique pieces. And, with years of experience in event design and event planning, Heidi, Jillian and Danielle have the expertise and ‘good eye’ for making events one-of-a-kind.

Jillian lived in LA and managed some of the hotspots in hollywood which led her to work in the special events industry.  She worked her way up to event manager, which she did for about 2 years in LA before moving to Denver, where she planned events for about 6 years. “I wanted to be more on the creative side and was ready to leave the planning part of the business, which is when I found my business partners (ironically, they were my competitors),” Jillian commented. “We found each other at the right time. They had always wanted to be a part of a décor company and I needed the support of strong women with a successful background in running a business and alas, here we are!!!!”

I {it’s me talking again} really believe that decor sets the stage for an event, and it tells the story of what the party if about, or if it’s a wedding, what the couple enjoys/appreciates/their style. I know the setting around me, and the unique details are what I remember most about events. And, whether the budget is large or small, unique pieces on any scale make a lasting impact.

The ladies at The Hive feel the same way. Jillian said, “Creating intimate and inviting places for the guests to nestle with a good friend and a cocktail or two is what we hope to provide.  We love pieces that are conversation starters and know that offering quaint, clever, seating and accents is the difference between a room without love and attention, and a room with the intention of creating memories.  Close.  Intimate.  Comfortable.  Clever.”

With all the versatile, gorgeous inventory {that’s constantly growing}, what’s Jillian’s favorite? “Right now, we have this insane crystal sphere floor lamp that blows my mind every time I see it.  This may be a favorite for a while.”

I have to say, I L.O.V.E that piece too.

We’re thrilled they are located in Denver, but for those of you outside of Colorado, they venture outside the state on occasion too…lucky you!

Today and tomorrow we have photos from their Open House. Insanely beautiful!


Eclectic Hive (decor)
The Workshop
(event planning/coordination)
Jensen Sutta Photography (photography)
Peak Beverage (drinks)
LMD Productions (lighting)
Jacob Sanchez of DanceTrax Productions (music)

{images via Jensen Sutta}