Our Favorite Sandals From Target

Hooray, it’s sandal season! We better get those toenails painted after their long winter slumber. Jessica bought these studded sandals for her recent trip to Florida, and we are obsessed! Target does it again with their summer sandal selection, so we gathered our favorites (yes, we have some in our shopping cart, too). Whether you’re headed to the market, pool or a party, there’s a cute sandal for you!

Happy shopping.


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Fans of The Fanny Pack

hiking with fanny packs

Where do you fall – team fanny pack, or not a fan of the fanny? Jodi has been a supporter of fanny pack’s ever since she had her first garage sale years ago. She has never looked back. Jessica just got on the band wagon, and uses it on outdoor adventures, errands and walks. As for Jenna, she wears them to music festivals so she doesn’t have to keep track of her purse, and she can dance, dance, dance! We’re not sure if they are really “in” or not, but we do know they hold just enough without weighing down our shoulders, and they are so convenient. We are in 100%!

You can call them belt bags, fanny packs, a waist pouch, hip bag or belt bag; whatever you call them, they are a worthwhile investment! We gathered some of our favorite fanny’s for you. These are more “sporty,” but you can find leather, and other stylish packs that make great fashion statements here

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fanny packs

1. Athleta Waistbag
2. Patagonia Belt Bag
3. Hip Bum Bag
4. Ripstop Belt Bag
5. Fjallraven Hip Coast Hip Pack
6. Hunter Original Fanny Pack
7. Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack 
8. Patagonia Ultra Light Mini Hip Pack

BTW, if you’re looking for a great deal on buttery soft leggings, try these! Jessica is wearing them in the photo above, and loves them, especially for the price.


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DIY Word Bead Bracelet


diy perler bead bracelets (1)

Word bead bracelets are so trendy right now. The best part about them is anyone can make them, and you can customize them with whatever words you want for whoever you want. The ideas are endless; mama, friend, good vibes, hope, fearless, star, stay strong, bestie, rad, happy, etc. Make them all, and stack them! Kids will love to make them for their friends. In fact, Jessica’s daughter can’t get enough of the colorful, inspirational bracelets, and spend hours crafting them for friends.

We made them with perler beads that we melted. You can buy beads, or melt them like we did for flatter beads. Instructions below.

diy word bead bracelet

If you don’t want to make them, there are affordable options for gifts you can buy like this and this.



melted perler beads for diy word bead bracelets

Step 1: Shrink, or flatten, the beads in the oven. Cook them on parchment paper on 400 for 2-3 minutes. Every bead need to be upright when you put them in the oven, and then they will flatten like tiny round donuts. Keep an eye on them. You want them flat, but not so flat the hole is melted.

diy word bead bracelet - melted perler beads

Step 2: Once they are cool, you can begin to create. Tie a knot at the end of the string, and tape that end to a table. Slide the beads onto the string. When it’s complete, tie a double or triple knot. Cut the excess string. Add a dab of super glue on the knot and wait for it to dry (hold the beads separated from the knot with you hands while it dries). With pliers, tighten a gold crimp bead around the triple knot and glue (so it’s hidden).

diy perler bead bracelet

diy word bead bracelet

diy word bead bracelet


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Make This Pretty Hair Accessory: DIY Hair Pins

DIY hair clips with words for teens and tweens

We love the hair pin trend! It’s such a fun way to accessorize, plus it makes those dreaded bad hair days a whole lot cuter! Ladies (teens, tweens and young girls, too), it’s time to let our hair do some of the talking. We made some DIY hair pins with words, and they are a huge hit.

What’s your hair line? Follow our simple tutorial on Momtastic, and start accessories that beautiful hair! This DIY is too easy not to make a couple.

DIY hair clips with words for teens and tweens

Must-Wear DIY Shoes With Fringe Embellishment



In the winter, we embellish with vintage jewels. In the summer, we embellish with fringe.

Visit Momtastic to see what item we upcycled to make these fabulous DIY shoes with fringe embellishment. It’s a totally doable DIY, and a must-wear shoe! Target wins again with the base of the shoe!

diy shoes with fringe embellishment


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