DIY No-Sew Mini Football Pennant


I been waitin’ all day for Sunday night

The tough get rough in a primetime fight

The last one standin’ gets to turn out the lights

‘Cause I been waitin’ all day for Sunday night

Yea, yea, yeah

Recognize that song {and the foxy lady that sings it} on NBC primetime Sunday night? Well, if your husband/boyfriend/dad/brother/son/friend is like ours, it’s more like, been waiting all day for Thursday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday because we’re pretty certain between college and the NFL, there are big, must-see games every one of those nights!

Yes, it’s that football time of year. Whether you like it or not, it’s here. Might as well make something cute to go along with it!

We made DIY mini pennants that can be used as a DIY pennant drink stirrer, or DIY mini pennant utensils for pre-game tailgate madness or a fun football party.

Can you guess what team we’re rooting for? CO born and raised, baby!

DIY Mini Football Pennant


You’ll Need:

  • Colorful craft foam sheets
  • Pencil
  • X-acto knife
  • Hot glue gun
  • Plastic forks or spoons


  • Step 1: Hand draw or trace your designs with a pencil onto the craft foam sheets. We created a pennant shape in Microsoft word, and found the Bronco logo, as well as the helmet online. For all the letters, they were hand drawn.


  • Step 2: Cut out your shapes.


  • Step 3: Glue the letters or shapes onto the pennants. Remember to leave a small space on the left side of the pennant for a small slip to insert a fork, spoon or stick.


  • Step 4: Use an X-acto knife to cut a slit at the top and bottom of the pennant, on the left side of the letters/shapes.


  • Step 5: Insert a spoon, fork or stick into the slits.




  • Step 6: Glue the little tags/strips on the back of the flag, next to the back of the spoon.



  •  Step 7: Place in a mason jar because you’re done, and everyone has the cutest DIY pennant utensil ever!



Make & Mingle: A Macaron Workshop


Macarons are a trendy dessert sweeping the blogging and sweet tooth nation. They are not just pretty, dainty desserts lining the pastry shops in Paris. They are everywhere! The idea of making the macarons can be daunting, so along with Kaitlin of The Every Hostess, we created a hands-on opportunity for women in Colorado to bake macarons in a real pastry kitchen…and sip champagne while doing it.

It was the inaugural event for our new Make & Mingle Workshops, a series of workshops where the creative and social community of Colorado have an opportunity to gather together to make and mingle with one another.


Twenty fellow creatives, local entrepreneurs and just overall fabulous women gathered together to get their hands dirty in almond flour and sugar at a favorite Denver, Colorado pastry shop, Glaze Baum Cakes.



Two amazing {and patient} pastry chefs shared their recipes, top secrets and tips behind the delectable dessert.








Each guest who purchased a ticket was treated to a cocktail of their choice, a box of a dozen macarons, a lovely print from The First Snow, a macaron baking sheet from Wayfair and additional swag items from Fleur de Lis and The Every Hostess. Thanks to all the amazing sponsors!



The space was beautifully decorated with bright blooms from Prema, along with gold polka dot placemats, pens, recipe cards and personalized Make & Mingle aprons for each guest.





Keep your social media attention on us and The Every Hostess for our next Make & Mingle event. Lots of love and gratitude to all the amazing people who attended, and companies who helped us make it happen!

Vendor Love
Macaron Baking Sheet, Wayfair
Art Print, The First Snow
Floral, Prema Style
Venue, Glaze Baum Cakes
Photography, Meredith Moran Photography
Printed Materials, Fleur de Lis, a paperie

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Make & Mingle Macaron Workshop


It’s happening. It’s seriously happening.

Along with Kaitlin at The Every Hostess, we are thrilled to announce a new series for those in Colorado who love to create, learn a new craft and have fun while doing it.

We shall call it Make & Mingle.

The kick-off workshop of the series is super sweet, literally. We are hosting a Make & Mingle Macaron Workshop at Glaze, the Baum Cake Shoppe, in Denver, CO.

The pretty and delicious desserts that fill pastry shops seem so daunting and difficult to make. Well, the only way to learn how to make a Macaron is to just do it. We are going to be in the kitchen with a Glaze pastry chef who will teach us how to create the delicate, gluten-free desserts.

We only have 20 spots, so hurry up and sign up. Workshop is May 18 from 5:30-8 p.m. Call 720.387.7890 to register. Tickets are $60.

It will be a lovely evening, and a great opportunity for the creative community of Colorado to connect. Don’t worry, we won’t send you home empty-handed. You’ll get to take $20 worth of macarons with you, as well as other fun goodies in your swag bag, including a gorgeous print from The First Snow. We are suckers for swag bags.

Thanks in advance to Prema who is going to rock your world with stunning florals. And, thanks to Fleur de Lis for a pretty invite.


We can’t wait to Make & Mingle with you.

photo via Connie Whitlock Photography