Amazing Queso Dip for Super Bowl Sunday

queso dip for super bowl sunday

Jessica is probably the only football fan among us. She may be the one watching (along with the men in our lives), but there’s one thing we are all doing during the games…eating. Never underestimate the power of good snacks during a football game, whether your a fan or not.

We shared one of our favorite queso recipes on Momtastic just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. The house is divided on who is going to win the game this year. But, we do know we’ll be winning in the food department as we watch the team go head to head on Sunday for the ultimate victory.

Side note: serve it in a small crock pot so it stays warm, and you don’t have to reheat it a hundred times. This queso is oh so good!

layered halloween dip

Layered dip is a must-have at our family’s Halloween get together, and it should be at yours, too! It’s the perfect app because it’s SO EASY and so delicious.

You will need:

{amount depends on the size of the dish, but you can use extra of your fav layers}

picante sauce
refried beans {Rosarita’s Spicy Jalapeño gives it an extra kick}
mexican style blend cheese
black olives, cut in halves
sour cream
guacamole {I made my own using avocado, picante, sour cream, garlic salt, pepper, Jalapeño flavored Tabasco and a splash of lime juice}
diced green chilis
green onions, sliced
tomatoes, diced


Using a pie dish, or any other dish, cover a thin layer of each ingredient in this order:
beans, salsa, guacamole, diced green chilis, green onions, cheese, tomatoes, sour cream and olives

{tip: for a special Halloween dip, put sour cream in a plastic baggie, cut a tiny hole in one of the corners, and decorate like you would a cake}

Yep, that’s IT! How easy is that?
I promise, every bite will be gone. You’ll be the hit of the party 🙂

Thanks to our fabulous cousin, Nikki, for inspiring us this year 🙂 xo

{images via Tutto Bella}