Amazing Queso Dip for Super Bowl Sunday

queso dip for super bowl sunday

Jessica is probably the only football fan among us. She may be the one watching (along with the men in our lives), but there’s one thing we are all doing during the games…eating. Never underestimate the power of good snacks during a football game, whether your a fan or not.

We shared one of our favorite queso recipes on Momtastic just in time for Super Bowl Sunday. The house is divided on who is going to win the game this year. But, we do know we’ll be winning in the food department as we watch the team go head to head on Sunday for the ultimate victory.

Side note: serve it in a small crock pot so it stays warm, and you don’t have to reheat it a hundred times. This queso is oh so good!

Fig and Goat Cheese Appetizer

goat cheese-fig-spread-bread-appetizer

It’s true that we all studied abroad in Florence, Italy. It’s true that we all daydream about one day being back there – actually one day is more like now. And, it’s also true that Jessica gained a good 25 lb. in the 6 month time frame she studied abroad.

Let it be known that she doesn’t regret a single bite. While in Italy, what does one do? Enjoy the breathtaking sites, shop Gucci and Prada, and embrace the rich culture and history, of course. But for the ultimate experience, one also must eat and drink their way through the beautiful country. So, she did just that. She blames all the late night indulgences of pasta, wine, bread and cheese. We say, bring it on!

goat cheese-fig-bread-appetizer

We’re talking cheese and bread today, so get a glass of vino ready and take note of our delicious and oh so easy appetizer.


  • Loaf of fresh Italian bread from the bakery
  • Olive oil
  • Fig Spread
  • Goat Cheese


  1. Slice the bread into thin pieces.
  2. Brush one side with olive oil.
  3. Set on a Cast Iron Grill Pan {with the lines} on medium high for a couple of minutes until you see the nice brown lines on the slice of bread.
  4. Add fig spread on top.
  5. Top with goat cheese on top of the fig spread. goat cheese and bread appetizer-fig-

{images via j. sorelle}

How to Make the Best Antipasto Platter

antipasto plate_jsorelle

We’re Italian and proud of it. We love our heritage and the Italian culture…and of course, the food! Our mouths water with the site of a good Antipasto Platter.

But, how do they do it? How do people create that savory “before the meal” plate that can bring people together and satisfy their cravings? What’s the secret to a beautiful and delicious Antipasto Plate?

We know an expert who can tell us…because we know a place that does everything right when it comes to Italian food and ambiance.


Christine and Simone successfully recreated a little piece of Italy in Denver, Colorado. If you haven’t been, you need to go. And, if you don’t live in CO, you need to add a visit to CO to your bucket list, and add Parisi to your must-eat list.

Here’s owner Christine’s tips for a delectable Antipasto Platter.

- Make sure there’s a balance of olives, cheese, cold cuts & toasted bread with topping.
- Include a mix of soft and hard cheese.
- Tempt the palette with new flavors because people always like to try new things, but also intermingle with a few familiar flavors.
- Keep the toppings simple for the Bruschetta using seasonal veggies. It’s nice to add a little sweet balsamic to the mix to balance out the savory.

parisi antipasto platter_jsorelle

And, what about the essential sidekick to a yummy Antipasto Platter, otherwise known as wine? Christine has us covered there too.
“Reds are a good choice for heartier antipasti plates such as a San Giovese blend {San Giovese is the grape used for Chianti and so many of the Tuscan faves),” she said. “But a refreshing Pinot Grigio isn’t a bad choice for those who insist on white.” 
She added, “Oh, and then there is one of my favorite red Italian blends from the Veneto region:  La Cappuccina’s Madego.. it’s organic and so smooth, but not boring. But I am all for blends these days…I can’t commit to just one grape.”
parisi antipasto platter_jsorelle
The list of ingredients from the mouth-watering plate Meredith Moran of Meredith Moran Photography snapped for us at Parisi includes…
Drunken Goat (harder goat cheese immersed in red wine)
Fresh Asiago
Pecorino Picante
Prosciutto di Parma
Finocchiona salame (with fennel)
Castelvetrano & Kalamata Olives
Bruschetta with an artichoke topping & a cherry tomato topping
parisi antipasto platter_jsorelle
Now are you ready to impress your guests with the most amazing Antipasto Platter ever? Of course, if you need some authentic Italian food for inspiration, a great sandwich for lunch, an impressive place to bring a special date, or you just want to indulge yourself because you deserve it, stop by Parisi. If you want to eat for hours like the Italian’s do in a more intimate setting, make a reservation right below Parisi at Firenze a Tavola {same owners}. I promise, you will want to go back for more. It’s special to us, not only because Florence is our love affair city, but also because Jenna and Will celebrated their rehearsal dinner at Firenze a Tavola, and that was just the beginning to a wonderful life together.
parisi denver_jsorelle
parisit denver_jsorelle
Thanks to Christine at Parisi and Meredith Moran for making this post possible.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball Recipe

I just realized that Thanksgiving is almost one week away. For some reason, I thought it was the 29th this year…I’m blaming it on my mommy brain/fog. So, now I am frantically trying to get all my fun and festive Thanksgiving ideas to you throughout the next week – everything from recipes to favors – we hope to share it all in time for this year’s Thanksgiving feast.

Today, an easy and yummy appetizer…and an upgrade from your standard cheese ball.

Pumpkin Cheese Ball
recipe by friend, Bean

16 oz cream cheese
1.5 cup shredded cheddar cheese
3 tablespoons of minced onion
3 tablespoons salsa {whatever kind you prefer}
2 teaspoons ground cumin
2 teaspoons minced jalapeno {canned or fresh}

How To
Combine all ingredients together in a medium bowl.

With your hangs, shape ingredients into a ball.
Crush Nacho chips in a plastic bag and lay out on counter top.

Roll cheese ball in crushed Nacho chips on counter.

Make indentions around the entire cheese ball with a finger to look like a pumpkin.

Cut the stem of a green bell pepper and place on top {to look like the stem of a pumpkin}.

Refrigerate 2 hours before serving.
Serve with either tortilla chips or crackers.

My mommy brain also spaced taking a photo of the app served with its accompanying crackers…mama mia! Use your imagination. All you really need to know is that its cute, delish and super easy.

{images via Tutto Bella}