DIY Cross Stitch Coffee Sleeve


As we bundle up and head outside this winter, we like to keep a to-go mug of coffee or tea between our hands. It’s a habitual thing. Sure, we need to caffeine most days {okay, everyday}, and we like the taste of tea, but it really comes down to the fact that we like to have something warm in our hands. It feels comfortable and cozy.

Well, we’ve made our comfy habit a bit cuter with our latest DIY featured at our Make & Mingle last week – a DIY cross-stitch coffee sleeve. Anyone can do it…even with no sewing experience.

Thanks to Peet’s Coffee & Tea in Cherry Creek North for the cups and hot coffee, and Colby Elizabeth Photography for the photos.



  • Find a pattern or shape to cross-stitch. We used this file from Fleur de Lis, a paperie, and printed them at 30% or 40%, so the stars were small enough to fit on our coffee sleeves.
  • Set the print out of the shape on the coffee sleeve, and with your pearl pin in hand, punch small holes on the ends of every line where you will stitch. When you remove the paper, you should see the shape that you want to design on your coffee sleeve. If you need to make the holes more visible, punch them again once the paper is removed.
  • Cut the embroidery string, insert one end through the needle loop, and tie a knot on the other end of the string.
  • Insert the needle from inside the coffee sleeve up through the top of the coffee sleeve. Then go back down through the next hole. Continue going up and down through each hole until you have completed the shape.
  • Once you stitch the last line, tie a knot inside the coffee sleeve with the original knot.

Warm wishes to you this winter!


Photography: Copyright Colby Elizabeth Photography