You’re My Jam, Valentine


This Valentine idea is a non-candy, peanut, gluten, and dairy-free option. Hooray. Plus, it’s fun, gender-neutral, and it’s got rhythm. Jessica’s son loves music, so he wanted to share some of his faves with his friends this Valentine’s Day. Not many classics made his list – Everything is Awesome, I like to Move It and I’m in Love with a Monster made his top 3.

Jenna had a good point when she asked if anyone actually uses CDs anymore; however, our kids still listen to CDs in the car. So, with some leftover CDs, colorful paper from Astrobrights, a camera and computer, we went to work.



Take a photo of your child with headphones. This part was fun. Edit the photo with the free and amazing editing software, PicMonkey. We made the image into a circle in this software, and added the words, You’re My Jam. Print and cut the photos.

Burn the CDs.


Make DIY cd sleeves with paper by following this tutorial. It’s super easy, y’all {we didn’t use the template – just looked at the photos}.

Insert the CD into the sleeve, close and glue the photo of your child onto the CD holder.


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