How to Make a DIY Cinnamon Bear Drink Stirrer


Our grandma, also known as Nani to 14 grandkids and Great Nani to 16 great-grandchildren, is one amazing woman. Since we were toddlers, we made monthly trips to grandma and grandpa’s house for sleepovers, homemade biscuits and gravy, hair cuts in Louise’s Beauty Salon {her basement salon}…and artificially-flavored treats.

One thing we could always count on, in addition to all the hugs and kisses, was a full pot of coffee brewing {she loved to spoon-feed us coffee in the mornings}, a bag of Twizzlers in the upstairs cabinet, and a glass jar filled with cinnamon bears in her salon.

To this day, she keeps her treats in the same spot, and everyone makes a beeline straight to the cabinet and glass jar for a sugar fix.

As silly as it may be, we have a special history with cinnamon bears. Even if the memories did not exist, we could not resist the chewy, spicy and sweet goodness of cinnamon bears.

This July 4th, after half the bag makes its way into our bellies, the other half will make its way into our party decor.

First, we made them into place cards. Success!

Now, we transformed them into a DIY edible drink stirrer. We think we can mark this one as a success, too.



  • Cinnamon bears
  • Red, white or blue card stock
  • Mini red pom poms
  • Toothpicks
  • Drink Stir Sticks
  • Sharpie marker
  • Hot glue gun


  1. Cut out mini flags and punch 2 small holes at the top.
  2. Write a name {for a drink tag}, or fun words on the flag, such as cheers! and yay!
  3. Break a toothpick in half, and then insert the toothpick through the two flag holes.
  4. Cut a mini ‘rolled out cone’ shape from the card stock.
  5. Roll the paper into a cone, and use a hot glue gun to glue the seam together.
  6. Glue a pom-pom on top.
  7. Gently push the hat into the cinnamon bears head until it’s stable.
  8. Push the toothpick with the flag into the hands of the cinnamon bear.
  9. Push the cinnamon bear onto a drink stirrer.





DIY Oscar Party Drink Stirrer


We’re going to be honest, our record for having actually seen any of the Best Pictures nominated for this year’s Academy Awards is not too good. It’s 0 for 8 to be exact. We are, however, familiar with the nominations for the animated feature film…we’re rooting for How to Train Your Dragon 2!

In our sleep-deprived, ‘surrounded by sick kids’ state, a fancy party is not in the cards this year. But, pajamas and a glass of POM champagne or vino sounds fantastic. Our low-key evening does have a DIY, of course. All for good reason – we are going to be the star of our own show. And, you should too. You’re the main character of your life – the leading lady or man. This year, you get your own gold envelope…and a cocktail.

This is such an easy DIY and a fun way to celebrate with girlfriends and sisters. Get creative and funny.






  • Buy or create mini envelopes. We used our Silhouette cutting machine to create gold glitter envelopes.
  • Create and cut mini tags to insert into the envelope. We created ‘drink winner’ tags on Microsoft Word.
  • Use scissors to cut small slits on the top of cute paper straws, and insert the envelope.

You can prepare a speech if you want to…but the drink, it’s is all yours. Cheers to you!

{images via j. sorelle}

Day 6: Your Cocktail’s Best Accessory, a DIY Drink Stirrer

diy drink stirrer_holiday cocktail

On the 6th day of Christmas, j. sorelle gave to you…a DIY drink stirrer.

We accessorize our outfit for holiday parties…so why not accessorize our cocktails too? This year our drinks will be a bit more festive – cheers to that!

snowman drink stirrer

Snowman Drink Stirrer

You’ll Need

  • 3 mini styrofoam balls
  • Hot glue gun
  • Shredded carrot sticks
  • Black puff paint
  • Drink stirrer
  • Red and white striped twine
  • Mini branches

How To:


  1. Glue the 3 styrofoam balls together.
  2. Push the carrot in the face for the nose.
  3. Add three buttons with the puff paint on the middle ball or ‘belly’ of the snowman.
  4. Tie a small piece of twine around the ‘neck’ of the snowman so he/she has a scarf.
  5. Add a mini branch to each side of the snowman so he/she has arms.
  6. Push the top of the drink stirrer into the bottom ball.

tinsel and ornament drink stirrer

Tinsel and Ornament Drink Stirrer

You’ll Need:

  • Mini ornament from your local Target or Walmart
  • Tinsel
  • Drink stirrer
  • Hot glue gun

How To:

  1. Wrap a small piece of tinsel around the top of the drink stirrer. Add a dab of hot glue to the end tip of the tinsel to keep it in place.
  2. Wrap the string attached to the mini ornament around the top of the drink stirrer and add a dab of glue to keep it in place, too.

Now that you have two adorable drink stirrers to make, you just need a cocktail to fill your cup. Stay tuned because we have a yummy and festive drink recipe we can’t wait to share.

{images via j. sorelle}