Batty For These DIY Chocolate Cupcake Toppers

chocolate cupcake toppers - halloween dessert

We are not pastry chefs, and don’t have fancy kitchen tools, but we do love when we can make something that looks “professional,” and tastes good. We’re always craving chocolate, so we tried our hand at “drawing” with it! It was fun, and we love how our Halloween cupcakes turned out. The cupcakes are store-bought, so we saved baking time there; but have a homemade touch with the DIY chocolate toppers. #winning

To learn how to make these adorable DIY chocolate toppers for Halloween, or any holiday, see our post on Momtastic.

chocolate cupcake toppers - halloween dessert


Monster Madness: DIY Plush Monster Pillows from Walmart

DIY pillow monsters for kids - halloween DIY

Okay, I walked by these adorable plush pillows at Walmart for months. They were so cute, and such a good price (less than $5), I wanted to buy 20 to give to my kid’s friends for playdates and sleepovers, or teachers for their classroom reading nooks. I couldn’t buy them for everyone, unfortunately. Then they went away, so I got over it. Well, now they’re back! This time, I didn’t let the opportunity pass me by before I could do something with them.  I spent about 30 minutes transforming them into cuddly, DIY monster pillows! There is at least 4 amazing things about this DIY project.

  1. They make great colorful Halloween decor for couches and beds (especially if you have kids).
  2. Kids love to cuddle and play with them.
  3. No sewing machine is required. Just a needle, thread and embroidery floss. Yay!
  4. After Halloween, I can cut the embroidery floss, remove the clothespins hands, and they will go back to being fluffy, non-monster pillows again. Therefore, they can be used year-round.
  5. I made each one for less then $6, and that includes the cost of the actual pillow, which was $4.88. Score! Yes, I had the clothespins and felt, but those are cheap regardless.

Here’s how to make them.


  • Pillows, fluffy shag decorative pillow for $4.88 (in and out of stock online, but in bins throughout the store)
  • Felt, colors black, white, blue, and red
  • Scissors
  • Clothespins
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue


Step 1: Cut round circles for eyes, and hands from the felt. I traced bowls around the house for the eyes, and drew the hands freehand.

Step 2: Glue the hands to clothespins. To attach them to the monster, pinch a piece of the fabric on the side of the monster, and pinch the clothespin on it. Easy-peasy!

felt project for halloween - diy pillow monsters

felt project for halloween - diy pillow monsters

Step 3: Thread fine string or embroidery floss (I used embroidery floss because I had it on hand) through a needle. Tie a knot on the end, then begin on the backside of the eye, insert it through the white part of the eye, and then back in.  As you push the needle in and out of the felt, make sure it goes through part of the pillow so the eye stays in place. I don’t have sewing skills, but I literally weaved it in and out of the felt and pillow…and it was totally easy.

felt project for halloween - diy pillow monsters

Now, you have adorable shaggy DIY monster pillows! I’m going to name them Beasty and Blushie.

diy pillow monsters - halloween craft

diy pillow monsters - halloween felt craft

diy pillow monsters - halloween craft

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Easy Halloween Boo-Quet Centerpiece


Pumpkins, crows and skeletons, oh my! Now that it’s October, our fall arrangements were in need of some spooky, dark updates! With some Halloween props, our fall arrangements transitioned perfectly into Halloween.

More tips on Momtastic.

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DIY Halloween Costume Ideas

DIY Halloween costumes
We are still working on our Halloween costumes this year, so look out for that. They are on the villain-side of the character world, but the kids are excited! We have had some great past Halloween costumes, and unfortunately not enough time for full tutorials. Hopefully this helps give you some Halloween DIY costume inspiration. You don’t need to know how to sew, or own a sewing machine. You can do it!

Oh, and please excuse the poor quality of the photos – an old iphone, inexperience behind the camera and rushing from Halloween party to Halloween party to blame! Stay tuned all the way to the bottom of this post, because if none of our costumes meet your fancy, we’ve listed some other fantastic ideas!

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You can get all the details about how to make our DIY Trolls costume on the blog post here. This was one of my favorites. We used a lot of regular clothes (that the kids wore all year-long) and felt. The second Trolls movie is coming to theaters this November, so it’s a great time to dress like our favorites; Branch, happy Poppy and all their colorful friends.



diy harry potter costume accessories

Our kids are big Harry Potter fans. With two boys and a girl, Jessica’s had the perfect trio of Harry, Hermione and Ron Weasley. We pulled these costumes together easily, and the kids still play with the robes, wands and magic spell books. Details below…

  • Buy the Harry Potter robe at Nordstrom Rack for less than $25, or here. To make the wands, find sticks in the backyard. Use hot glue to add layers, vines, and texture to the stick. Once dry, paint the sticks copper or brown. We used plaid paint for this.
  • You can easily find ties for Harry Potter costumes, but we’re suckers for anything DIY, plus we didn’t want to spend anymore money on this costume. So, we used felt and cut it to look like a tie with stripes. We used hot glue to stick it to a hair clip, and then clipped it onto the white shirt.
  • The spell book is a must because every wizard needs his/her spells. Again, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on this, so I bought a journal with kraft color pages, painted the cover and binding a maroon color (with acrylic paint), and then used gold vinyl to add names, and a title of the spell book. I used my Silhouette for this, but you can buy a gold metallic sharpie to write the info on the cover of the book. I went the extra mile on this one, and wrote some of the famous Harry Potter spells in it. The kids LOVED it!
  • As for the rest of the costume, we’re BIG, BIG fans of buying clothing items our kids can re-wear throughout the year. So, you can find some of the other pieces here: boy black jeans | grey sweaters | harry potter glasses | Hermione pleated skirt |



DIY jellyfish costumes

DIY jellyfish costume

deep sea costumes

diy family costumes

Our kids were really into all-things ocean one year, so we decided on a deep-sea theme. Jessica’s oldest was a fisherman from the show Deadliest Catch. Her daughter was a jellyfish with glowing lights, and her youngest was a deep-sea diver. All of them are no-sew, and fun to make! Looks at those cute smurfs, too! Details below…

  • Deadliest Catch Crab Fisherman: This one is so easy! We cut out paper crabs to place in the bucket with the netting. Also, for the hat, we bought it online, and then added the name of a ship to it with a fabric pen, so we knew his “ship crew.” Other pieces bought here: orange bib or this one | net |
  • Jellyfish: Buy an umbrella and tape and hot glue paper streamers, lights, mesh tubes and ribbon all along the inside and around the edge. Make sure the lights are battery operated and light enough to tape in the umbrella. For the outfit, you can find clothing here: metallic leggings | white or silver tulle or ruffled skirt | shite long sleeve shirt | clear umbrella | blue twinkle lights | mesh tubes |
  • Deep Sea Diver: My little swimmer loved to dress up like a diver. We bought him tight black pants and a long sleeve shirt (like long underwear tight), used a ski mask to cover his head, and the DIY piece was with the oxygen tanks. First, spray paint two liter bottles. Once dry, tape them together with electrical tape, and glue them together in the back. You can add straps with rope so he/she can wear like a backpack. For a belt of supplies, use black electrical tape (make sure it’s double-sided so it doesn’t stick, and add velcro to the ends so it can be easily put on and removed as a belt), and snap sponge curlers through it. We used our swim goggles and snorkels for extra props. Also, I used black tubing from Home Depot, inserted it into one of the bottles (glued it to the bottom), and attached a water bottle top to the end of it, and it was his mouth-piece. Sorry I don’t have a close-up photo!


If Halloween really isn’t your thing, but you want to me festive, this is the perfect combo of easy and cute. Details here.



There are so many good and creative Halloween costumes to choose from! Make sure to check out all these amazing DIY Family Costumes:

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DIY Halloween Tee: Witchful Thinking


It’s wishful thinking to think that we will dress up every year on Halloween. It can be fun, but it’s not our most favorite holiday to celebrate, so we typically don’t dress up. We dress the kids cute and call it good. Our favorite part about the holiday is celebrating at our aunt and uncle’s house. The party is loud, the food is good, the homemade costumes rock and the laughter echoes throughout the house. We love a good tradition that is carried on for generations…don’t you?

If you semi-like Halloween, don’t care for it at all, or have a party to go to but don’t want to dress up, this DIY semi-costume is for you. It’s a last-minute, really easy DIY tee that can be made in less than 10 minutes. Procrastinators, you got this!

This Witchful Thinking tee is cute, and you won’t be totally lame at this year’s party with black pants and a witches hat to fancy it up a bit.

Where our witches at?



  • Cotton t-shirt
  • Iron-on letters
  • Iron


Step 1: Cut out letters for WITCHFUL THINKING.

Step 2: Follow iron-on letter package instructions.


Step 3: Wear it and have fun!