Personalized Book Giveaway and DIY Kite Easter Eggs


We are flying high with today’s post. Literally, we are as high as a kite in the sky! We love our newest DIY Kite Easter Eggs, and they were inspired by an I See Me! book, My Little Book of Blessings. We have always loved I See Me! products, and they remain one of our favorite newborn gifts. Recently we opened up the blessings book and found the graphics to be magical, and the words to be meaningful. A book that teaches children the golden rule, the importance of friendship and how to lend a helping hand is a book we want on our bookshelves. Plus, every page is customized with a child’s name, and a special note and photo on the front and back pages.


The page about friendship has kite illustrations, and thus our DIY easter eggs were born. Please keep reading for a tutorial on the eggs, as well as a giveaway for a I See Me! book of your choice, just in time for Easter. The books are amazing, and the gift of reading is priceless.




Draw the kite designs with a pencil. If you mess up, you can erase it. We used free-hand to draw our designs.


Outline the egg with a thin black Sharpie marker. Once the design is outlined, erase any pencil marks that remain on the egg.


Begin to color inside the lines with Sharpie colorful markers. Continue until all kites are brightly colored.



To begin to make the kite tails, cut strands of embroidery string and cut mini bows from the card stock. You can find a template for mini bows online.


Add glue to one side of the bow, and quickly place the string in the middle, and then cover with another bow.



Once all the bows are in place, dab a tiny amount of glue to the bottom of the kite, and press the end of the string down on the glue.


You’re done!



Now, it’s giveaway time. Entry info below. Please make sure to leave your Instagram account name, because we will check the winner’s account. Good luck! The giveaway ends March 10, 2016.

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We received a product from I See Me! in conjunction with this post, but we would love I See Me! even if we didn’t. Thanks for supporting the companies that support our blog.

Kite Party Ideas

When we received this party from Lucy, Lucy Munoz Photography, our hearts were happy. We were quickly reminded about the beautiful innocence of childhood, and that we as adults often get caught up in the ‘little’ things and forget how to have fun and see the beauty in all things. With four little ones and one on the way between the three of us sisters, we need to really take a step back everyday and observe with grateful hearts that our children’s world is filled with wonder and beauty, and we need to nourish that joy for life…for them and us.

As told by Lucy, photographer and party planner: The party’s conception really started with a poem by Robert Frost called Nothing Gold Can Stay. It’s a well-known poem to many as it was a pivotal message in the book “The Outsiders.” It speaks about how everything inevitably changes and moves forward, unstoppable with the passage of time. Yet it gives an even bigger message of keeping our amazement for life while living it wide-eyed, receptive and open.

“Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold. Her early leaf’s a flower; But only so an hour. Then leaf subsides to leaf, So Eden sank to grief, So dawn goes down to-day Nothing gold can stay.”
— Robert Frost

With that in mind I set off to celebrate everything that children stand for: innocence, happiness, joy, and wonder. Our party was overtaken with things that remind us of our childhood–from jump ropes to watermelon there was something for everyone. We started the party playing hot potato and freeze dance. Then the kids ate pizza and had a choice of desserts that indulged their sweet tooth. We also had pictures of our little guests that captured them in moments throughout the year.

Overall, our Stay Gold Party reminded all of us, both young and old, that youth is fleeting, but living with a childlike openness can be forever.

Photography: Lucy Munoz Photography