DIY Citrus Fruit Pushpins


In the summer we plan to take our Friday nights with a lick of salt, a slice of lime and a shot of tequila. The thought makes our lips pucker with excitement.

So, why not take our cork boards with a hint of color, a slice of lime and a cute photo?

Our classic black and white pushpins recently got a makeover into DIY lemon and lime pushpins. The mini slices add cheer to our workspace, and keep us dreaming of our favorite Rio Grande margaritas.


Materials Needed:

  • Mini Cork Door Discs {with adhesive backing} from Home Depot. You can also use flat white pushpins {non-cork}. 
  • Acrylic paint {white, lime green, yellow}
  • Pushpins
  • Pencil
  • Sealer, such as Shellac


  • Paint the mini cork discs white.
  • When the white paint dries, use a pencil to freehand mini triangles in a circle around the center of the disc.
  • Paint the outer ring green/yellow, then paint the triangles green/yellow.
  • Once the paint dries, spray paint with a sealer, like Shellac.
  • Stick to the pushpins. The adhesive on the back should be sufficient, but if not, a hot glue gun with work.





{photos via j. sorelle}

mojito mania

One of my BFF’s just recently asked me for some ideas for a mojito-themed bridal shower. The fabulous bride-to-be didn’t want a typical bridal shower, but loves mojito’s and accessorizing with jewelry, so the hostess {my friend} wanted mojito’s and accessories to serve as the inspiration.

So, here’s some ideas I came up with…{I’m not even a mojito-loving woman, but I wanted a refreshing mojito after doing a little party research for the mint flavored drink}.

Nothing seems more fitting than a Mix N’ Muddle Mojito Bar with these fixin’s suggested from Bon Appetit.
Create a sign for the Mix N’ Muddle Mojito Bar like this bride and groom did {found at Martha Stewart}, and fill old crates with bunches and bunches of limes….LOVE THIS!
Don’t forget to have a bucket or glass filled with green and white striped straws for your guests to decorate their cocktails.
Serve delicious mojito popsicles like these found at Sugar and Charm Blog.
Guests will be totally impressed with green and yellow jello shots like Loralee Lewis created for her recent party.
Mojito cupcakes topped off with a slice of lime.
Fill vases at varying heights with limes and flowers.
Use a three-tiered centerpiece and fill with all things green, including limes and mint.
Hang green lanterns in a row above tables, or hang lanterns from trees throughout the backyard party space.
{If you’re creating family style seating, I love a long row of short centerpieces with hydrangea or white flowers. If you don’t have a cabinet full of empty vases, you could improvise and use mason jars, wine bottles or tin cans spray painted green or covered in decorative fabric/paper} to hold bunches or single bud flowers}.
Dress up the table and food/drink stations with lime green votives and acrylic lime glassware from Pier 1.
In addition to topping off drinks with a parasol, carry the parasol look over with an adorable parasol topiary.
Use vases, martini glasses and other forms of glassware for a chic jewelry display.
If you opt not to spend money on flower arrangements, a cheap and cute ‘green’ centerpiece is wheat grass. You can even grow it yourself a couple weeks before the party.
Use limes for the base of a placecard, and insert a toothpick and flag to write the guest’s name. You can use green patterned washi tape for a festive toothpick flag found here.
Or, if you opt to use the limes as food labels, a great free placecard option is a paint chip card {with party coordinating colors} with the guest’s name typed on it. {I think this idea is so cute…I’m using it for an upcoming party of my own}.
Treat guests to a mojito muddler.
Candy rings and jewelry that will double as decor and a sweet favor.
Hope to have some pictures from the party soon.
If you plan to have, or have had or attended a mojito party…or any cocktail themed party…please send the pics our way. We love a good cocktail-inspired party!