DIY Rope Necklace

diy ROPE NECKLACE with text

We got a couple pleasant, but “WHAAAT?” looks when we told the employees at Home Depot what we were making with brass compression sleeves. It’s not everyday they get customers asking for compression sleeves and rope for DIY rope necklaces. Or, maybe they are used to it with all the bloggers around the country using hardware for everyday DIY’s?! We got a few laughs and made some Home Depot friends, and then we went home to make cute DIY rope necklaces.  If you’re looking for a new summer accessory, visit Momtastic for all the details.




Paint Scrape Your Way To Beautiful DIY Colorful Coasters


We had some white tiles from The Home Depot just sitting in our garage collecting dust. With some acrylic paint and a scraping tool, aka old credit card, they got a colorful makeover! Now, summer needs to get here so we can put some tropical drinks on our new DIY coasters. Details on how to make these paint scrape beauties are below. They are super easy, and who can resist all that happy color?!



  • 4×4 white tile, square and hexagon shaped, Home Depot
  • Acrylic paint, Martha Stewart or Plaid Crafts
  • Scraping tool, or straight edge like an old credit card  (and wet and dry paper towel to wipe off)
  • Sealant
  • Cork
  • Gorilla Glue
  • Silhouette Cameo


Step 1: Squeeze dabs of paint on to the coaster. For the blue coaster, dab blue and white paint scattered all over it. For the pink, yellow and blue coasters, stagger the dabs of paint along a line 1/4 way down the coaster. You can experiment with a lot of fun colors here!

white tile with blue dabs of paint

Step 2: For the pink, yellow and blue coasters, place the straight edge above the dabs of paint, and begin to pull down, scraping the colors of paint with it. Once you pull all the paint to the bottom of the coaster, wipe off the paint and scrape another coaster. For the blue coasters fully covered in paint, use the straight edge to pull the paint down, then you can start on another edge of the coaster, and scrape again in another direction with the paint you previously scraped (still on the straight edge).

Step 3: Let the coasters dry overnight. Find vinyl letters, or use a Silhouette Cameo to cut white vinyl letters to add fun sayings. We added, Sip, Sip, Yay. I’ve Got Spirits Yes I Do. Drinks On Me. Cheers. 


Step 4: Once dry, seal with a waterproof sealant.

Step 4: Trace the coasters, and cut inside the line so the cork is slightly smaller than the coaster. Follow the instructions of Gorilla Glue and glue the cork to the bottom of the coasters.







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Walk On The Wild Side With A DIY Zebra Rug


Do you walk on the wild side sometimes? When Jessica was in High School, she got on a wild streak with her room decor. Her room was bold with tiger and cheetah prints! No, it was not manageable splashes of the animal print – it was an entire comforter, large pillows, bath towels and a rug. We all go through periods in our lives, and sometimes look back and say, “What in the world was I thinking?” This is one of those periods.

We hope this isn’t one of those moments, but after seeing many expensive zebra rugs online, we decided to walk on the wild side once again and make an affordable version of the zebra rug. We like the way it turned out, and happy we paid less than half the prices online.

To see the full tutorial, visit a site we love, Momtastic.

DIY Lip Balm Pouches Just In Time For Valentine’s Day


We love our essential oils, and one of our favorite goodies to make with our oils is DIY lip balm. Our lips are so dry in the winter, plus we love when we can put pure ingredients on our lips. Valentine’s Day is coming up, and for those that want kissable lips, or want to give a gift of kissable lips, we recommend DIY essential oil lip balm.

Read our DIY lip balm tutorial for the ingredients and instructions. To jazz it up a bit for gift giving, make a cute holder for it – a DIY lip balm pouch. It’s almost like a lip balm sleeping bag. It’s a cute DIY that can be made into all shapes and sizes. We made heart-shaped pockets to hold gift cards for teachers. You can also make DIY felt pouches to hold tissues, treats, and even larger pockets for photos and sweet notes.

This DIY project is incredibly easy. Here’s how we did it.



Step 1: Cut felt (we bought a pretty library of felt from Target, and it’s thicker than traditional felt, which worked well) into a rectangle larger than the width of the lip balm tube.


Step 2: Once you have the pieces cut, thread a needle (don’t forget to tie a knot on the end), along the edges of two rectangles that are lined up. We do not have any sewing skills whatsoever, and we did it! Just go in and out of the felt, which will create a cross stitch pattern. Leave the top of the rectangle open so you have an opening for the lip balm.




Hope you find a way, even if it’s a wave or hug, to spread the love on Valentine’s Day!


DIY Busy Board Fun for Toddlers

Jenna has the baby of our entire family now (he’s the youngest of eight grandbabies for our parents), and it’s hard to believe he’s not a baby anymore. He is such a blessing, and pure joy – nothing can stop him from smiling.

Nine years ago, when we started having kids, we wish we had the knowledge that a quick stop to Home Depot could be the discovery of a DIY sensory activity for our kids that would last hours! Leo is the lucky one, because he got one of his very own.


Whether you call it a sensory board, an activity board or a busy board, it’s all the same thing that keeps toddlers busy for hours. It’s genius. It’s so engaging for kids, and good practice for their fine motor skills.

The full tutorial of our DIY Busy Board is on Momtastic. Check it out here. IMG_1601