DIY I Believe in Pink Birthday Gift

i believe in pink birthday gift_jsorelle

We can never get enough Audrey Hepburn, and we can never get enough of the color pink {correction: Jodi and Jessica can never get enough pink}. So, the two combined just made perfect sense. We love the Audrey Hepburn quote, “I believe in pink. I believe that laughing is the best calorie burner. I believe in kissing, kissing a lot. I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong. I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls. I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.”

So, we revamped the quote for a recent birthday gift. I believe in pink…and I believe in celebrating birthdays. We filled a black and pink metal box with all things pink you can find at a local big-box retailer such as pink chapstick, pink nail polish, pink polka dot straws, pink tic-tacs, a balloon with pink note on it, pink candles, a custom chalkboard matchbox {standard matchbox painted with chalkboard paint}, a Via Starbucks Refresher packet and a Chocolove Raspberries in dark chocolate bar.

As for the quote, we used our new favorite find, Sharpie Oil-Based Paints to write on the metal box with the help of Chacopaper transfer paper.

I believe in pink_jsorelle

i believe in pink birthday gift_jsorelle

i believe in pink birthday gift_jsorelle

i believe in pink birthday gift_jsorelle

Whether it’s October, December, March or June, there’s always room for pink, which means you can give a gift like this year-round. We believe in pink! Do you?

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worm pudding {recipe}

worm pudding_jsorelle

There is nothing my 6-year-old and 2-year-old son loves more this summer than worms, water and dirt {mud}.  And there is nothing my 4-year-old daughter loves more than sugar. So, for their recent birthday celebration at school, we made dirt pudding cups, which I lovingly call ‘worm pudding with a budding flower’ {my husband thinks the flower looks like the kind that opens up and eats people, but I was going for a tulip}. You decide for yourself, but whatever flower you think it is, make this dessert. So yummy.

chocolate mousse worm pudding for kids

Chocolate Mousse
{recipe by Kimi Hansen}
makes 13, 9 oz elegant plastic cups or more if you use smaller shot glasses

2 cups chocolate chips
2 cups whipping cream
2 egg yolks
2 tsp vanilla
Oreo cookies
13, 9 oz plastic cups
13 strawberries or other ‘flower’ fruit
13 gummy worms
Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers

How To
Use Sharpie Oil-Based Paint Markers {love these things} to draw grass on the outside of the cups. It dries almost immediately.
Add chocolate chips, vanilla extract and egg yolk to a blender.
Heat cream to a boil on the stove and then slowly add the cream to the other ingredients in blender.
Pulse ingredients together
Wait until it cools a bit before you pour in plastic cups.
Refrigerate for at least 3 hours. After the first hour or 2, stick a worm in the semi-hard pudding and continue to refrigerate.
Before serving, top with crushed Oreos
Use a straw or toothpick and add your ‘flower.’ It can be made with a strawberry like I did, with 4 slits on top and whipping cream on the inside, or even raspberries and blueberries.

worm pudding

worm pudding for kids

worm pudding with a flower

worm pudding with a flower

Just look at this chocolate, happy face. Pure joy.
chocolate mousse face

{images via j. sorelle}

Safari Kids Birthday Party

Every July we celebrate many important birthdays and anniversaries in our family…3 of them being my kids birthdays. Yes, I have three children with July birthdays. It’s a challenge every year to come up with a theme applicable to all three {especially that’s budget-friendly}, but with a boy obsessed with animals and all 3 that love to dance, a DANCING SAFARI made for the perfect theme this year.

With Kraft paper, animal print accessories and fabric, duct tape, a disco ball and creativity, this year’s party was a hit. Here’s the details…

Fabric {from Hobby Lobby} cut into strips and then stapled over already existing curtain rod for a backdrop.

I revamped existing lamps and lampshades into Safari Hats by adding rope and a strip of Kraft paper around the lampshade. Just simple clear packing tape was used to keep the rope and Kraft paper in place.

We served Hippo’s Favorite, Avocado Salad, a Lion’s Share of beef and chicken sliders {toothpick with duct tape pressed together and cut into the shape of a flag}, Animal Artichoke Dip, a Cheetah Cheese Plate, Elephant Broccoli Salad and African Fruit Salad.

I used a strip of cheetah print fabric for the runner, and then placed an antique piece of wood on top of it. I lined the wood with candles, giraffe bowl and figurines {from a dear friend, Sandy, who carried them with TLC all the way back from Africa} and a bark vase filled with local mountain wild grass.

Place settings inside were made from Kraft paper and on each of them, I used animal stencils to paint giraffe, zebra, lion and hippo silhouettes, and used my alphabet stamp set to add an animal fact to each one.

I made the dance floor using cardboard and animal print duct tape. I bought cardboard boxes for .60 cents at Wal-Mart, and cut out each square side. I placed duct tape in rows to cover the cardboard, and once all the squares were complete, I laid out each square on the floor, and used black duct tape to ‘tape’ it all together. And, no dance party would be complete without a Disco Ball. I found the Disco Ball for $15 from Party City and used a hook to hang it from our outdoor patio roof.

The lemonade table is an antique wine barrel {$30 from Wal-Mart}, just turned upside down. The large Mason jar drink dispenser for the lemonade is from Pottery Barn.

For more DIY details, I taped a cardboard box together to make a box, and then wrapped it with Kraft paper. I added the words, “BEWARE” and “DO NOT FEED THE ANIMALS” with black acrylic paint. And, I saved a large branch from my yard that I spray painted black to add a more ‘outdoor’ touch.

I covered the back of an antique window pane with Kraft paper and added photos of my children on the front, in each window pane opening. With bright animal print paper, I cut triangles to create a banner to add to the window pane, and a larger banner to hang from the curtain rod in the dining room.

My husband is a builder, so it often comes in handy when I need pieces of wood {conveniently and sometimes inconveniently located on my garage floor}. I used Acrylic paint to write my kids names on antique pieces of wood, and next to each name, my hubby nailed a wood number {from Hobby Lobby} for their age. This matched the look of the invite too!

Guests were greeted with a custom hand-painted wood arrow sign that read, “dancing safari” and an easel with a hand painted photo of an African scene.

Each Safari Adventurer  received a burlap bag with a water bottle and an African animal {hippo, giraffe, zebra, lion and rhino} and each family went home with a CD of all my kids favorite songs {think popular POP artists} to keep the dance party going at home.

Invites: Custom made by Jenna at Fleur de Lis, a paperie
Cupcakes: Mountain Cupcakes

unique gifts we love

We have an exciting announcement – Jenna at Fleur de Lis, a paperie, is rolling out an online store. Now everyone can get a taste of the fabulousness of her store, no matter where you live! More products will be added overtime, but there are some really fun gifts for sale now. Shop the boutique here.

Today, we have fabulous gift ideas for the bride, her bridesmaids and even the girl that just can’t find Mr. Right {we’ve all been there}. And, they are available online and at Fleur de Lis, a paperie.

Minimergency Kit for Her
Luck favors the prepared and we certainly hope the bride is prepared for her wedding day…and of course lucky too. These minimergency kits are a lovely gift for the bride {or for any friend} who likes to be prepared. Includes 17 mini beauty and person care essentials. Breath freshener, clear nail polish, lip balm, clear elastics, hair spray, and earring backs, dental floss, mending kit, double-sided tape, safety pin, deodorant towelette, nail polish remover pad, stain remover, tampon, emery board.

I took one look at this new gift Jenna started to carry in her store {not available online yet, but call the store at 303.996.6885 to buy one today}, and I was totally in love.

Dammit Doll
Ever have those days where nothing goes right, Mr. Wrong just isn’t that into you, someone pushed your buttons or you just can’t catch a break? I know my hand was raised…was yours?

Well, when things don’t go your way, just grasp a DAMMIT DOLL firmly by the legs and find a place to slam it…and as you whack the doll, yell “DAMMIT! DAMMIT! DAMMIT!” I promise, you’ll feel so much better, and no one will get hurt in the process.

{images via Tutto Bella}

happy birthday dr. seuss

Friday, March 1 is Dr. Seuss’ birthday. So, in honor of Dr. Seuss, the importance of reading, and believing in children’s dreams and individuality, we made an 8×10 inspirational quote print…and you can have it for FREE through March 3.

To receive the free printable, follow us on Pinterest using the Rafflecopter link below.

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After, March 3, the printable can be found and bought in our Etsy store here.

{images via Tutto Bella}