DIY Photo Easter Eggs with Flower Crown


We have some egg-tastic Easter eggs coming your way. First up, photo eggs with flower crowns.

If we could wake up every day and wear a flower crown, we would. Ok, Jenna probably wouldn’t unless it was made of black and white anemone’s. But, seriously, how pretty would we feel if we were crowned with such beauty on a daily basis? We would feel like a beautiful princess.

One day, just to be spontaneous and special, we are going to go through our daily, wonderful mom routine {cooking, cleaning, tantrums, laundry, poopy diapers and playdates} with a DIY flower crown on our heads. Who says we can’t walk around in our yoga clothes and feel like a princess for the day?

Since wearing a floral crown everyday is not always feasible, we found an adorable plan b – DIY photo easter eggs with flower crowns. Now we can crown our heads with pretty flowers, and put it on display. This egg project is an easy and fun project to do with kids {or friends}, and it’s a lovely easter egg display. Plus it also makes for beautiful place cards on easter. Everyone just needs to look for their beautiful face at the brunch table. For the men, add a bow tie or newsboy hat!



  • wood or paper mache eggs
  • Mod Podge
  • card stock
  • White tissue paper
  • Frog tape
  • Paintbrush
  • Photos
  • Scissors
  • Fake flowers
  • Floral wire
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue


Find photos of your family and friends. Crop and edit them in Microsoft Word. No Photoshop necessary for this. Just crop them into an oval shape, and make sure they fit the size of your eggs.

Tape a piece of tissue paper onto the card stock and print. Then, cut out the photos.


Paint a small amount of Mod Podge {about the size of the photo} onto the egg. Gently press the photo down on the egg and smooth out as many wrinkles as you can. We don’t need more wrinkles than we already have, right?

After about 5 minutes, paint a small amount of Mod Podge over the photo and surrounding area. Do not swipe the paint brush too many times over the photo, or the ink will smear. Let the egg dry.

To craft the DIY floral crown, cut the small stems from your branch and put together with floral wire wrapped around each stem, and shape into a circle. Make sure the size/shape fits over the top of your egg.


Dab a tiny dot of glue to the back of the egg, and press the back of the crown down on the glue{so the flowers are in front}. This will keep the crown in place.

flower crown-for-easter-eggs

Display on egg holders, plates or in baskets. FYI – this is the only time you will see a pink flower crown on Jenna, so let’s take it all in.




Bloom into Spring with DIY Watercolor Flower Cups + Giveaway


Clearly, Jessica is in the mood for paper cups and watercolor this spring. Jenna was described as the ‘flower child’ growing up, but it seems Jessica’s inner flower child is coming out now. First came the bunnies, and then came the flowers.

Our Nani, fabulous as ever at age 79, is a proper lady that loves to entertain and host. She’s good at it, too. Amazingly, she has more energy then we do. Just like mother’s do, she will still walk up to us at a party {even in our 20’s and 30’s}and remind us to say hi to Mr. and Mrs. so and so, and congratulate them on their recent successes. We never understood it until we became mothers. Being the hostess with the mostess that she is, the thought of using plastic and paper glassware and flatware at a party is unbearable. It must always be china or glassware.

But, these DIY watercolor flower cups got the seal of approval from good ‘ole Nani P. They are paper, but they look lovely, and they don’t look cheap. You can fill them with water, juice or a fave cocktail, or fill them with a favor. They make for a great place card, too, with custom names painted on them. Use them for Easter, a spring brunch, bridal shower or baby shower.



If you like them, and think they would be a great fit for your next event, follow us on instagram, then tag a friend in comments under the photo of these cups. Those who follow and tag will be entered to win a set of 30 of these watercolor cups for FREE – you can choose to receive a variety, or pick your faves. We are not professional artists, and what you see is what you get. But, for free, they are darn adorable. Giveaway starts March 25 and ends March 31, 2015. Giveaway is not sponsored by Instagram. Names are NOT included on cups for giveaway. Good luck.

Questions? Email us at


To make them, you’ll need:

  • Paper Cups {$1 for a pack of 10}
  • Watercolor paints
  • Brush
  • Water

The amazing one step tutorial is…explore floral inspiration in your head, online or on a print, experiment with watercolor paint.


{images via j. sorelle}

DIY Gratitude Journal

The list of things and people I am grateful for is quite lengthy. I have lived a very blessed life with ample opportunities and good, wonderful people by my side. Most days I remain very optimistic and grateful for all that I have been given, but I have bad days too, and forget to take the time to think about all that is good in my life. One way to really focus on the positive instead of the negative is to start a gratitude journal. It’s simple – find something you are appreciative or grateful for everyday – just one thing, and soon you will begin to feel a shift in your thinking. You will develop a new perspective on life, and begin to find more joy and the beauty in all things and people around you.

So, on this holiday of Thanksgiving, where we take the time {hopefully} to sit and reflect on what and who we are grateful for, spread the gift of gratitude to your friends and family.

A gratitude journal would make for a lovely hostess gift, and if you’re hosting, it is a great place card or favor. You can buy beautiful journals, or if you want to keep things simple and on budget, buy a small hardbound book or journal. Wrap it old-school style {the way you use to cover your school books} with Kraft paper, add a library card due date ‘gratitude’ label with the date of this year’s Thanksgiving and sign your name at the bottom. It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Even if you don’t have the means to buy a gratitude journal for others this year, make it a point to start one for yourself.

If you forgot how to cover a book, here’s a few tips that may ‘spark’ a memory from your school days…

Cut Kraft paper as large as the book, plus an additional 2 inches on the top, bottom and 3-4 inches on the side. Place book on the paper, and fold the top and bottom of the Kraft paper, so it is equally aligned with the top and bottom of the book.

Place the book on top of the folds, open the book and push the cover the book through the Kraft paper sleeve openings on the side. 
Repeat with the back of the book.

Using Word or Illustrator, create a gratitude journal label, print and tape to the cover of the book…or you can even use a sharpie to write ‘gratitude journal’ on the cover.
Tie a bow with twine and voila.

{images via Tutto Bella}