DIY Travel Mug for Your Favorite Teacher


We run out the door every morning with a coffee in hand, so a good travel mug is a worthy investment. Teachers who choose to nurture, teach and discipline our children on a daily basis also deserve a good travel mug. Whether its tea or coffee, we want to make sure our teachers are fueled throughout the day with a memorable mug in hand. In the summer, when they are not in the classroom, they will be reminded of the difference they made in our children’s lives.

Instead of, “You taught me a lot,” we played with fun coffee lingo and turned it into, “You taught me a latte.”



Design and print your words on Silhouette software and print according to package instructions.


Place painter’s tape over the design, and pull it up. The words should now be on the tape.


Press the tape {with the words} onto the mug and use a straight-edge to smooth out any bubbles.


Remove the tape, strip by strip, to reveal your design.


Insert a gift card to Starbucks or a local coffee shop and voila.



Thanks to Silhouette America for providing the vinyl for this DIY project. We would love them even if they didn’t. Thank you for supporting the companies that support us. 

DIY Tea Organizer Gift


We love tea. It’s a recent can’t-live-without routine these days. We also can’t get enough of the Target Dollar bins – seriously, we can’t get out of that section in under 30 minutes. Those 4 mini aisles bring us joy, and fabulous finds. We combined a recent Target find with tea, and we’re obsessed!

Everyone needs a tea organizer like this for the office, for the classroom and for the home. It’s pretty, efficient and simple. We organized our tea by moods and needs because there is a tea bag for just about everything. Our teachers are the lucky recipients of this one, but we have a feeling this will be a go-to DIY gift.



Gather your favorite tea bags. We used some of our favorites from Yogi.


Design the tabs/labels in Silhouette Design Store. We chose to organize with the words Energy, Healthy, ZZZ’s and Namaste. We layered the file folders so there was color behind the letters. Make sure the tabs fit inside your organizer. Cut {let the printer do the cutting} and glue.



Design and cut the coffee mug with Silhouette. We did not have the vinyl transfer paper, so we used Frog’s Tape, and it worked like a charm.



Here’s the white box before…


and after.


Place the tabs/file folders and tea bags inside the wood box.



Print the free You’re a Wonderful Tea-cher label, and hang from a piece of twine and tape from the inside of the wood box.




DIY Citrus Fruit Pushpins


In the summer we plan to take our Friday nights with a lick of salt, a slice of lime and a shot of tequila. The thought makes our lips pucker with excitement.

So, why not take our cork boards with a hint of color, a slice of lime and a cute photo?

Our classic black and white pushpins recently got a makeover into DIY lemon and lime pushpins. The mini slices add cheer to our workspace, and keep us dreaming of our favorite Rio Grande margaritas.


Materials Needed:

  • Mini Cork Door Discs {with adhesive backing} from Home Depot. You can also use flat white pushpins {non-cork}. 
  • Acrylic paint {white, lime green, yellow}
  • Pushpins
  • Pencil
  • Sealer, such as Shellac


  • Paint the mini cork discs white.
  • When the white paint dries, use a pencil to freehand mini triangles in a circle around the center of the disc.
  • Paint the outer ring green/yellow, then paint the triangles green/yellow.
  • Once the paint dries, spray paint with a sealer, like Shellac.
  • Stick to the pushpins. The adhesive on the back should be sufficient, but if not, a hot glue gun with work.





{photos via j. sorelle}

DIY Valentine for Teachers


We are letting our teachers know just how warm and fuzzy they make our kids feel with socks this year.

Target was our source for the cute slipper socks adorned with stripes and a heart. We also scored with pillow boxes and sparkly red tape from Target’s $1 and $3 bins.

We used Microsoft Word to create the tag, so you can easily do it too.


You’ll score extra points with your child’s teacher, and their toes will be warm and toasty all winter long.


{images via j. sorelle}


{DIY and FREE PRINTABLE} teacher appreciation

May 7 is Teacher Appreciation day. We all know what a difference teacher’s make in our lives. I will always remember my favorite teacher, Ms. Boll. She was a gift to her students, especially to me.

So, to show the teachers that show up everyday in the classroom for you {or your kids}, we have a fun gift idea for them with a FREE PRINTABLE, designed by Jenna at Fleur de Lis, a paperie {also sells custom designs on etsy here}. Gotta love that.

thanks for being a wonderful TEAcher
{get it? For those of you who may be scratching your heads…it’s a mug with tea in it because the word TEA is in TEAcher}

How To:
Buy a mug that most represents your child/a particular memory throughout the year {my son chose a giraffe mug from Pier1 because his favorite animal is a giraffe and his teachers most definitely know that}.

Use twine {or any string you have} and hang the string from the inside of the mug with tape, with the tag on the outside of the mug.

Sign your child’s name and year on the bottom of the mug with a Sharpie
Fill the mug with tea bags.

It’s sure to make the teacher recipient smile…and it will serve as a reminder of your special child.

Even if you miss Teacher Appreciation Day on May 7, this makes a great end of the year gift or christmas gift for your child’s teacher too!

Hope you like this enough to PIN IT. And, if you don’t already follow us on Pinterest or Fleur de Lis on Facebook, please do so. You’re sure to learn about more free printables, and be in the ‘fabulous-know.’

{images via Tutto Bella}