ombre’s cuz makes a colorful dip

I love ombre, so it’s no surprise I like ombre’s cousin…otherwise known as dip dye. From furniture and home accessories, to jewelry and handbags, dip-dye is making a huge splash…or dip into the home, fashion and diy worlds.

1. dipped blue vases, west elm {$24-$89}
2. dip-dye dining table chairs, Better Homes and Gardens
3. dip-dyed baskets, Martha Stewart {diy}
4. dip dye side tables, visit design sponge for diy tutorials
5. dip dye yellow tablecloth, house to home 
6. turk’s head rope bracelet, a + r {$85}
{for all you diy’ers, love maegan will teach you how to make a diy rope bracelet}
7. dip-dye bracelet, Nasty Gal {$15}
8. dip dye drapes, Michael Penney Style {diy}
9. dip dye vintage spoons, for me, for you {diy}
10. natural organic dip-dyed ombre blue indigo linen tote, Jeanie Deans via Etsy {$68}
11. dip dye wooden bowls, Wind and Willow Home
12. dip dye svalbo, The Sweet Beast {diy}

{images via Better Homes and GardensNasty GalJeanie DeansMichael Penney Stylea + rhouse to homewind and willow home, design spongeMartha StewartWest ElmFor Me-For YouThe Sweet Beast}

bonjour ombre

Bonjour ombre! This is a hair trend that I am dying {no pun intended!} to do to my own hair. It is daring, but not too crazy “out there”. I first fell in love with this hairstyle with our beloved Carrie Bradshaw on Sex and the City. SJP pulled it off in the last season of the series.

Ombre hair has darker roots, and gradually gets lighter down to the hair ends. Typically I see this with longer hair and darker hair color, but you can pull this off with any color hair! Great hair color maintenance – the look is overgrown roots so you don’t have to keep dying your hair so often. This look is also great because the dye job doesn’t have to be perfect – it is supposed to be messy, imperfect, uneven color. Ready, set … ombre!

sarah jessica parker

jessica biel

kate beckinsale

sandra bullock

mila kunis

khloe kardashian

{images via My Style Bell, Glamour Magazine,, In Style}