Mini Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecakes Recipe

Tutto Bella is getting a makeover. Kind of like the kind all us ladies need…A new pair of heels, an afternoon at the nail salon, a new wardrobe and a visit to the stylist, just to name a few. So, please excuse us while we add a little pizzazz, more organization and even more fabulousness here at Tutto Bella.

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Really exciting things to come, but while we do some behind the scenes work, we have some great posts that we just couldn’t help sharing.
With St. Patty’s day approaching, we have some rainbow and Irish love this week…and first up is Mini GF Bailey’s Cheesecakes.
We love Bailey’s Irish Cream. Love it in coffee, chilled over ice at the end of a long day and now in our cheesecakes. For all you gluten-free folk, this is a treat you can enjoy too, because we made it gluten-free. This is easy and so yummy. Make it for your friends and family as you celebrate the Irish in you on St. Patty’s Day, or just make it for yourself.
gf mini cheesecakes_tuttobellablog
gf baileys cheesecake_tuttobellablog
gf mini baileys irish cream cheesecakes_tuttobellablog
Gluten Free Mini Bailey’s Irish Cream Cheesecakes
serves 12

1.5 cups Glutino chocolate and vanilla crème oreo-style cookies
3 tablespoons melted butter

12 oz cream cheese, softened
½ cup sugar
½ tsp vanilla
1/8 tsp salt
2 tablespoons Bailey’s Irish Cream
1 egg

Preheat oven to 350 degrees. Fill muffin tin with cupcake liners.
Mix crust ingredients together in a food processor or blender. Add a full spoonful to each liner and then press down to create a packed bottom layer. Cook for 5 minutes.
In a medium bowl, beat together the cream cheese, vanilla and sugar until fully mixed. Add salt, Bailey’s, and an egg until the batter is smooth.
Add less than a ¼ cup to each cavity for an even layer of cheesecake on top of the cookie crust. Bake for 15-17 minutes. Once cool, place in refrigerator and chill for at least 4 hours or overnight.

Once you are ready to serve, or a couple of hours before you serve, it’s time to make the whipping cream. In a medium bowl, add the topping ingredients for whipped cream, blend until soft peaks form.

Take out of fridge before you serve, be generous with the whipping cream topping and serve! .


If your a chocolate lover like me, you’ll want to add an Udi’s Gluten Free Brownie in the middle. Follow all directions above, except add a tiny brownie {they are made and you can find in your local grocery store} on top of the cooked crust, and add cheesecake mixture around/on top of it. Cook for the same time, closer to just 15 minutes. It was also a delicious treat.
gf bailey's cheesecake with brownie_tuttobellabloggf baileys cheesecakes_tuttobellablog{images via Tutto Bella Blog}

St. Patrick’s Day Lucky Charm Printable

Happy Friday. In honor of our Irish heritage {it’s small, but it’s there…and now its even greater since we married Irish men}, we have a Free Lucky Charms Printable for you today.

We used the printable, created by Fleur de Lis, a paperie, to create Fruity Cheerios necklaces for our kids and their friends.

BTW, this is a great activity to do with the kids. All you need is scissors, string {I used twine}, the labels and a box of Fruity Cheerios. Your kids can practice their fine motor skills and even color/pattern skills while creating sweet necklaces for their friends. Win, win if you ask me. 

These labels would work on a small box of Lucky Charms too!

We hope you follow our inspiration for St. Patty’s Day and more on Pinterest.

Click here to download the free Lucky Charms printable.

Side Note: Since we’re on the topic of breakfast…if you haven’t tried Agave Nectar in your coffee in the morning in place of sugar and the flavored, bad-for-you creams, you are MISSING OUT. I love the Hazelnut flavor – it’s my fave – however since I am celebrating all things Irish this month and I can’t have actual Bailey’s Irish Cream in my coffee every morning, this has been the perfect fix. Really, this line of Agave Nectar has transformed my mornings and cup of joe. Try it…and if you don’t like flavor in your coffee, but you like a little sweetness, try Organic Blue Agave. It’s sweet like sugar…but healthier than sugar. Cheers!

{images via Tutto Bella}

green wedding day

If you haven’t noticed, this week is all about being green. All this color green is inspiring us to say I do {or dream of saying I do} in Ireland surrounded by the beautiful green landscape. Or, just being in Ireland to cheers one another with a cold glass of Guinness…followed by photos with the famous beer mustache.

For all you Irish love birds:

May your mornings bring joy and your evenings bring peace.
May your troubles grow few as your blessings increase.
May the saddest day of your future
Be no worse than the happiest day of your past.
May your hands be forever clasped in friendship
And your hearts joined forever in love.
Your lives are very special,
God has touched you in many ways.
May his blessings rest upon you
And fill all your coming days.

{images via: green moss frame: Ruffled Blog | couple walking with umbrella: Jet Fete Blog | cascading hydrangea: Caplan Miller Events | ties: Martha Stewart Weddings | Bridesmaid dresses: Green Wedding Shoes | green shoes: Geneoh | white and green bouquet: No Knows Weddings | green table setting and apples: Green Wedding Shoes | green martini with clover: Style Me Pretty | table setting with clover in vases: Style Me Pretty}

st pattys day fancy

Being married to an Irish man, I think I’ll win major points when I fancy up my St. Patty’s Day bash with these fun party ideas!


Too cute to pass up from {where else?} Better Homes and Gardens


Jameson, Guinness and Baileys, duh 🙂


Be Different Act Normal puts a cute spin on sweet snacks.

Green paper straws from The Cupcake Social via Etsy

Rainbow fruit skewers from Quick Dish by Tablespoon are a MUST!


Irish Mashed Potatoes from Cooking Quinn
{find complete recipe here}

Lucky Spinach Quiche from Diamonds for Dessert
{find complete recipe here}


Guinness Chocolate Cupcakes with Bailey’s Cream Cheese Frosting from Nook & Pantry
I love my Bailey’s and my hubby loves his Guinness – I’d say this is the perfect dessert for us!
{find the complete recipe here}

Irish Style Dirt Cake from Quick Dish by Tablespoon
Can you say YUM?!
{find the complete recipe here}

Mint Bailey’s Brownie Bites from Just Call Me Maria.
{find the complete recipe here}

{images via Be Different Act NormalNook & Pantry,  Quick Dish by Tablespoon, Diamonds for DessertCooking QuinnBetter Homes and Gardens, Etsy, All’s Fare Food BlogJust Call Me Maria}

lucky charm

St. Patrick’s Day is a celebrated holiday in my house ~ after all, I have an Irish hubby, a son named Jameson and a little Irish blood running through my mostly Italian veins.

This year, I created DIY treats to spread luck and cheer to our family and friends. All they need to enjoy it is a cold cup of milk and a spoon. I admit, it’s not the healthiest breakfast or snack, but kids love it, and it’s justifiable at least once a year to celebrate the luck of the Irish.

Jenna at Fleur de Lis, a paperie, created these adorable “lucky charm’ custom tags to attach to my treat bags.

Click here for the free printable.

All You Need Is:

  • 1 box of Lucky Charms cereal
  • Green pipe cleaners or ribbon
  • Clear Party Bags {I used Wilton Clear Party Bags, 4×9.5 inches}
  • Scissors to cut the tags and bags
  • Custom tags

How To:

  • Fill the bag with a cup or so of Lucky Charms.
  • Cut each tag, and punch a hole through each one to attach to favor.
  • Wrap or tie the green pipe cleaner around the bag tight, add the custom tag and make either a bow or a 3-leaf clover to complete the look.
  • Gather the excess bag on top, and cut to your preferred length.

{images via Tutto Bella}