Fans of The Fanny Pack

hiking with fanny packs

Where do you fall – team fanny pack, or not a fan of the fanny? Jodi has been a supporter of fanny pack’s ever since she had her first garage sale years ago. She has never looked back. Jessica just got on the band wagon, and uses it on outdoor adventures, errands and walks. As for Jenna, she wears them to music festivals so she doesn’t have to keep track of her purse, and she can dance, dance, dance! We’re not sure if they are really “in” or not, but we do know they hold just enough without weighing down our shoulders, and they are so convenient. We are in 100%!

You can call them belt bags, fanny packs, a waist pouch, hip bag or belt bag; whatever you call them, they are a worthwhile investment! We gathered some of our favorite fanny’s for you. These are more “sporty,” but you can find leather, and other stylish packs that make great fashion statements here

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fanny packs

1. Athleta Waistbag
2. Patagonia Belt Bag
3. Hip Bum Bag
4. Ripstop Belt Bag
5. Fjallraven Hip Coast Hip Pack
6. Hunter Original Fanny Pack
7. Herschel Seventeen Hip Pack 
8. Patagonia Ultra Light Mini Hip Pack

BTW, if you’re looking for a great deal on buttery soft leggings, try these! Jessica is wearing them in the photo above, and loves them, especially for the price.


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Try This Delicious “Fried” Ice Cream

fried ice cream with sprinkles

OMG, I made “fried” ice cream, and it’s so yummy. Honestly, I didn’t think I would like it because I don’t love cinnamon, and let’s get real, anything that pretends to be fried and isn’t genuinely fried can’t be that good, right? Wrong. I loved it. The crunch of the buttery corn flakes with the fluffy white whipping cream and the cold vanilla ice cream in every bite is dreamy. The good news for us gluten free people is that these ice cream bites can be made gluten-free as well! Yay!

I shared all the details at Momtastic, so look here to get the ice cream party started.

fried vanilla ice cream with sprinkles

fried vanilla ice cream with sprinkles

New Whipped Drink To Try: Whipped Strawberry Milk

whipped strawberry milk-whipped drink trend-pink drink

One good thing leads to another! First, we whipped our way to Dalgona, creamy coffee goodness. Now, we discovered the next whipped drink trend – whipped strawberry milk. This whipped drink is caffeine-free, pink, dreamy and delicious. It tastes like a strawberry milkshake, and it’s made with an old childhood favorite ingredient.

Visit Momtastic to learn how we made it!



DIY LaCroix Baby Shower Favors That Sparkle

lacroix cans make the cutest diy baby shower planter

We know you aren’t actually hosting a baby shower in the next month or so during stay-at-home orders, but we do know baby showers are going to happen again when we make it through this historic, difficult time. When COVID-19 does pass, and a baby shower is on the calendar, you will be ready with the cutest baby shower favors ever!! With this DIY favor, the colors pop (so it’s a decor piece as well) , you can drink ALL THE cans of LaCroix to make these DIY planters, and everyone loves a little “baby” succulent they can grow at home, too! It’s a win/win for the host and guest, and also for the mom-to-be because they can be gender-specific or neutral.

All the details are here at Momtastic.


Sunshine Squad Spreading Cheer + DIY Sun Craft for Kids

sunshine gift package

My creativity has been little to non-existent during this COVID-19 pandemic, and I’ve been spending time doing other things I don’t often do. My kids and I wanted to do something for our neighbors to cheer them up from a sad, or boring COVID-19 day indoors. Sunshine = cheer, so we scoured our house for yellow craft materials, and shopped for goodies on our Walmart app to add to our pick-up order. This DIY sunshine project was art class for the day, and PE, too, because we walked the neighborhood to deliver the bright packages of sunshine. This was not intended to be a post, but I thought I’d share the idea (+ free printable below) in case you all want to spread sunny cheer in your own lives, or start a #sunshinesquad too.

What’s been your sunshine during these long COVID-19 days? Between the dire news reports, economic concerns, societal shut-down, stresses at home and work (what little work there is), some days we have to hunt for a bit of that golden shine we so desperately need, literally and figuratively. My sunshine during this time has been a longer than originally planned trip, fresh air and sunshine, special time at home with family, snuggles from my kids, and perspective. Some days are dreary and anxiety-ridden. But, most days are simple and good. It may be the introvert in me, but I really enjoy being at home with my kids and my husband, and I love the slower pace of life. I know I’ve been beyond blessed with my circumstances during this pandemic. I am truly grateful for the doctors and nurses on the front lines, and all other brave Americans still working to keep American running, and to help keep us safe and healthy. Thank you!

Now, let’s get this sunshine party started…


  • Astrobrights Paper
  • yellow paper plates, 7 inch and 9 inch
  • Sharpie or Elmer’s Paint Pen
  • Hot glue gun and hot glue
  • yellow “sunshine” goodies that fit in a paper plate
  • scissors


Step 1: Buy yellow plates, or paint the back of any paper plates yellow. Also, buy things that remind you of sunshine. I bought easy and inexpensive items from Walmart pick-up including yellow balloons (my kids play with balloons for hours), yellow hair ties, yellow Juicy Fruit gum, skittles (aka rainbow seeds with these adorable free labels) and also Emergen-C for an extra vitamin C boost.

yellow sunshine packages-crafts for kids

Step 2: Draw a cute face on the plates. You can use a Sharpie, or a Paint Pen. I used pink acrylic paint for the cheeks.

yellow sunshine packages-crafts for kids

Step 3: Cut colorful triangles for the rays of sunshine. They don’t have to be perfect – just cut the triangle without sketching an outline first. With a hot glue gun, glue the paper triangle on the under-side of the “face plate.”

yellow sunshine packages-crafts for kids-sunshine squad

Step 4: Fill the top of one plate with goodies, and make sure the items do not touch the rim. Next, add a ring of hot glue on the under-side of the face plate, and quickly place it on the bottom plate with the goodies.

yellow DIY paper plate sunshine packages-crafts for kids

Step 5: Add a tag so you can sign the back, and remind your friends to open the sun for a fun “dose” of sunshine. I used Canva to make a quick tag right before delivering them today. The labels are available for free here. Now, spread the sunshine. I walked the neighborhood with my favorite little sunshine squad. We can’t wait to deliver more. This is a great gift now during COVID-19, but also when someone is going through a rough time, or even a birthday any time of the year.

yellow sunshine packages-crafts for kids