DIY Tropical Leaf Coasters

We took our minds on a trip to paradise recently. It didn’t cost much, and no flight was necessary.

OK, it’s not the real thing, but our DIY tropical leaf coasters have tropical vibes written all over them, and they take us back to wonderful memories on the beach. Curbly has all the details here.

tropical leaf coasters with a yellow background

DIY Summer Beach Towels


Before a week of no blogging, nowhere to be but the pool or the beach and no DIY projects allowed {aka vacation}, Jessica had to get in one last DIY project. With towels invincible to Bleach {we still have no idea why the color didn’t bleach}, she couldn’t make them like Studio DIY.

Plan B was to spray lemon juice on the towels, and lay them in the sun. Nope, it too, was unsuccessful.

Plan C was dependable fabric paint, and it worked just fine!

These towels make for a great gift for teachers as school’s out for summer, birthday party favors with names, as well as hostess gifts for those who live on the beach.


Here’s how we did it.


  • Towels
  • White fabric paint {or white acrylic paint combined with gel medium}
  • Contact paper to make stencil or stencil {we used our Silhouette America Portrait to cut the letters on contact paper}
  • Stencil Paintbrush {round, flat tip}


Design your words with Silhouette software, and use the electronic cutting machine to cut the contact paper. Make sure the words are mirrored, so they appear correctly on the towel, and not backwards.


Prep your painting space. Make sure to place a cardboard under your towels for paint that may bleed through.

Remove the back of the contact paper. Lay the stencils or words on the towels. We really liked the contact paper because it stuck to the towels, just enough to work as a stencil, but not too much so it was easy to remove.


Dab the paint onto the towels.


After about one hour, remove the stencil. Let the towel dry for 24 hours.

Have some fun in the sun.





Ladies Bachelorette Weekend at the Beach


There are so many things about this photo shoot that make us happy. Not only do we love the girly bachelorette party happening, and the custom gold foil shirts with numbers on the front and Mrs. on the back, but also the candid beach shots and the tradition behind the whole thing {keep reading}.

These women make us…
1. want to take the time away from our busy lives to make special memories with our girlfriends
2. remind us that we’re never too old to play with balloons on the beach
3. before there was a Mr. in our lives, there was a Ms./Mrs. by our side

We’ve been blessed by amazing girlfriends in our lives, and what a gift it is. Never underestimate the power of a good girlfriend. When you surround yourself with smart, strong, respectable, kind and honest women that bring out the best in you, you are surrounding yourself with joy, friendship and love.

This is such a cool story to go along with these beautiful photos from Linda Fourie Photography, so make sure you read it in Lizanda’s {one of the ladies} words.

We are a group of friends from University, and when the first one of us got married, we pledged to have a weekend away dedicated to each one of us, where the Bachelorette does not know about anything, and gets surprised and spoiled.
Margot was the last of the seven to get married, so we decided to have a shoot to celebrate the last weekend and our friendship. 
The plan would be that Linda would start taking ‘stalker’ photo’s of us in a local coffee shop. It was really funny when Margot said “Guys, I swear that woman is taking pictures of us!” So she was quite happy to find out that we had a shoot planned.
We just had fun walking around Hermanus and Linda, our photographer, was great!
Vendor Love
Photography: Linda Fourie Photography
Location: Hermanus, South Africa
Coffee shop: Oskars Delikatessen 
Beach: Harbour and Grotto beach


kate and drew

Once the wedding is over, the wedding dress is left at home to be cleaned, then put away for safe keeping, right? Not all the time, as talented photographers Nate and Jenna from Nate and Jenna Photography show us on Po’olenalena Beach in Maui, Hawaii.

Beautiful newlywed couple, Kate and Drew, brought their wedding attire along on their Maui honeymoon for a sunset bridal session on the beach. If you’re not going to get married on the beach, might as well wear your dress on the beach and get some beautiful photos of it! We think its brilliant! Thanks for sharing Nate and Jenna. And, congrats Kate and Drew!

{images via Nate and Jenna Photography}

feel the sand between your toes

I’m off to a beach wedding this week in California with the family. Since my mind, and suitcase, are in a beach mode, so is my post for today.

This wedding via Style My Pretty is so simple and stunning. I love all the details and the white and pale blue color palette. The bed on the beach – I want to jump in it now. The beautiful table setting, messages in a bottle and cozy pillows for seats…adorable. And, dancing under the stars in the soft sand, and kissing in a white boat in the water…so romantic.

Take note you beach brides…

{images via Style Me Pretty}