Motivational Gifts for Every Day Inspiration

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Happy New Year! How’s your resolutions going so far? Hopefully your still going strong in week 1 of 2015.

This year, we hope to be more optimistic, try not to stress about all the little stuff and strive to be more fully present in our lives on a daily basis. How many times do we just live day-to-day going through the motions, without consciously living in the moment? We do it all the time. We are consumed with the past and the future – so much so, that we forget to live for today.

We understand that there are going to be bad, rough and not so pretty days when we just want to sit on the couch with a pint of ice cream or a bottle of wine to drown away our sorrows and frustrations, but luckily we have you covered from head to toe with 10 ways to stay positive and inspired in 2015 at Momastic.

Tell us how you plan to stay inspired in 2015. We can use all the help we can get.

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Day 9: DIY Clipboard and Calendar Gift Idea

diy clipboard and calendar

On the 9th day of Christmas, j. sorelle gave to you…DIY Clipboard and Calendar Gift Idea.

We love words of wisdom and quotes that strike a chord with us. And, when we’re having one of those days or weeks, or months, quotes can have a positive impact, and serve as a reminder to slow down, smile and enjoy the little things.

A calendar with simple, happy words is a wonderful daily reminder to stay positive. And, since the new year is just around the corner, and its gift-giving season, we want to share all those good vibes with our friends. This year, we’re giving our friends a DIY Clipboard, along with one of our new favorite calendars by etsy store ColourMoon. Anya made a beautiful, chic and simple 2015 calendar with great reminders each month. The calendar is just $10 and it’s an instant download. Just buy and print.

Here’s a look at the entire calendar, which you can buy here. Anya is offering j. sorelle readers 10% off their order with code Colour10. Thanks, Anya!

colour moon 2015 calendar

image via Colour Moon

Here’s how you create the DIY Clipboard.

diy clipboard gift

You’ll Need:

  • Black Vinyl
  • Silhouette cutting tool {today is the last day for the great Black Friday sale going on now. Use code SORELLE for the amazing discount…see here for details}
  • Clipboard {you can buy from Office Depot, Target {we found it in the $1 and $3 section} or Wal-Mart
  • Silhouette Vinyl Transfer Paper {lint roller refill is a good alternative if you don’t have the vinyl transfer paper}

How To:

  1. Design your quote or art using the Silhouette Software.
  2. Place your Vinyl on the cutting mat, click print and watch the tool work its magic.
  3. Peel away the vinyl you’re not using.
  4. Place the transfer paper over the art or quote and use a straight edge {credit card, etc} across the image to make sure the vinyl sticks to the transfer paper. Pull the paper up and your image should be stuck to the paper.
  5. Place the image on the item you want it on. You will need a credit card or a straight edge to smooth our all bubbles.
  6. Peel away the transfer paper slowly and your vinyl should stick to the item. Note: I did have trouble with some of the thin words sticking to the clipboard, so I had to pull the transfer paper very slowly so the letters didn’t rip, and if they ‘came up’ with the paper, I gently pushed back down. 

diy clipboard and calendar gift

diy clipboard and calendar gift

diy clipboard and calendar gift

{images via j. sorelle}