DIY Swing Shelf



Jessica recently made a DIY Shelf inspired by the Teak Swing Shelf from one of our favorite stores, Anthropologie. It’s cute enough for her kids to want to swing on, but beautiful {and rustic} enough to hang in her home. Plus, it’s easy and affordable to make! We’re loving this Anthropologie hack.

Check out all the how-to details at Momtastic.


DIY Geometric Shelf


Maybe it’s because we are born and raised Colorado girls, but the phrase The Mountains are Calling, and I Must Go by John Muir, speaks to us. There’s something nostalgic about the mountains – the beauty, the nature and the escape – that we long for.  We spend many weekends in the mountains to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and Jessica is lucky enough to see the peaks in her backyard every morning from her window.

We found a triangle geometric shelf from Michaels, and it was practically begging us to be transformed into a DIY mountain shelf. Plus, we found it to be a fun display for all the knick knacks our kids like to collect.



  • wood triangle shelf, Michaels
  • spray paint, black
  • felt, white
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and hot glue sticks
  • kids toys


Paint the triangle shelf black.


Once the shelf is dry, measure the size of the peak on all sides of the wood. We placed the white felt on top of each side of the wood triangle, and traced the outline with a pencil, and then cut it out.


Apply glue to the edges of the ‘peak’ on the wood, and press the white felt down.


Fill the shelves with all the cute little knick knacks your kids like to collect, and find a place to display.




That’s all for now. Just as the phrase goes, The Mountains are calling, and I must Go…

upcycle mania

So sorry we’ve been MIA. Goodness, it seems we took a 3 week spring break. Between birthdays, vacation, kiddos and work, we haven’t had a chance to sit at the computer at all.

In honor of Earth Day today, we are sharing a few upcycle DIY projects that make re-using old things in a new way just, well…fabulous. And the best part…the only energy it takes is from you. If you’ve done any cool upcycling yourself lately, please send us photos…

Upcycled Ladder with Shelves, Less Than Perfect Life with Bliss

Plastic Spoon Mirror, Little Things Bring Smiles

Frame Corner Ceiling, Michael Stravato for the New York Times

Suitcase Side Table, Cupcake and Cashmere

Ski Lift Swing, Colorado Weddings Magazine
I don’t like to ski, but I could so do this

Hanging Rainboots Planters, Rosy Posy

 Upcycled Can Vase, Apartment Therapy

Leather and Wood Shelf, Design Sponge

Record Side Table, The Flourishing Abode

{images via Less Than Perfect Life with Bliss, Little Things Bring Smiles, The New York Times, Cupcakes and Cashmere, Colorado Weddings Magazine, Rosy Posy, Apartment Therapy, Design Sponge, The Flourishing Abode}