DIY Glitter and Motivational Magnets


We have high hopes for 2016. But that doesn’t mean life won’t take some twists and turns along the way – some good and some bad.

We will try to remain motived and optimistic no matter what life throws our way, or what side of the bed we wake up on, but just in case we need a little extra motivation in the office, or at home, we made some magnets. You should do it, too!

Once you make the magnets, find happy art prints and photos with good memories to put the magnets to use. We love this art print, Happy girls are the prettiest girls, from one of our faves, The First Snow.




  • Design circles with your motivational words to the size of your magnets. You don’t need a fancy design program – we just used Microsoft Word.
  • Print on white card stock.
  • Cut the circles out.
  • Use the paint brush to add a thin layer of Mod Podge to the top of the magnet. Place cut-out circles on top and press down. Remove excess around the sides if you have any.
  • Paint a thin layer of Mod Podge to seal the top. Don’t swipe it too many times, or the ink will smudge.


  • For the glitter magnet, paint a layer of Mod Podge on top of the magnet. Sprinkle glitter on top until the entire magnet is covered. We used 3 different pinks and a silver.
  • Let the glitter dry. After about 10 minutes, gently dab a generous layer of Mod Podge over the glitter. It will look white, but it will dry clear. This step will seal the glitter so it doesn’t fall off.





New Year’s Eve Photobooth


As women, there are 5,000 things that go through our heads every minute, of every day. It’s exhausting. Most of the time, the thoughts are negative and full of judgement. How often do you wake up in the morning, and say to yourself, “Hello, gorgeous!” We know we seldom stand in front of the mirror and say, “Damn, I look good.” Instead, we say, “Ugh, I look so old.” “I have bags under my eyes.” “I’m getting fat.”

Well, in 2016, that’s going to change. At least we are going to try. If you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived. We made a fun, chalkboard NYE backdrop full of bubble conversations that we are going to tell ourselves everyday. We believe that what we tell ourselves eventually becomes a reality and changes our way of thinking, so let’s make it positive and uplifting.

Note: Our little shoot was mega rushed, which is the story of our lives, so it’s not as full of props and pretty as we would have liked. But, you get the idea. Make sure to buy a non-glare chalkboard backdrop so there’s no glare. We made the mistake. You’re welcome.



  • Chalkboard tablecloth or chalkboard paper sign
  • Chalk Pen
  • Selfie-stick or camera


Step One: Hang the chalkboard paper.

Step Two: Write all the positive all fun thoughts you are going to tell yourself in 2016.





The next one is one of our faves. I choose joy was inspired by t-shirts that make us happy by Oh, Sweet Joy! You will see these shirts on us a lot because, well, we absolutely love them.




Step Three: Pose for some photos. Have fun.








DIY Graduation Gift: Interview in a Box


It’s Graduation time. It’s time a quarter life crisis may be imminent. It’s time to navigate the real world. It’s time to find a JOB. It’s time to move back in with mom and dad, or pay your own rent. It’s time to ponder if that major that seemed like a good idea at the time may have, in fact, been a waste of time. It’s time to show the real world what you can do!

With our cute new file folder, we created an affordable and unique DIY Graduation gift idea we think every graduate needs this year…Interview in a Box.


We know our knees buckled with nervousness before every interview and our parents always had the best advice. Just be yourself and do your best. So, with a little wisdom from mom and dad, and a few essentials from Interview in a Box, your interview will be a smashing success.

Interview in a Box 


What’s included for the new graduate:

  • DIY brushstroke file folder. Don’t bring this to the interview. Keep it at home, and get organized.
  • Water bottle. Stay hydrated. No one wants cotton breath.
  • Breath mints. Don’t make the interviewer turn his head with a queasy stomach with your morning coffee breath.
  • Notepad and pens {Target, $3}. Be smart and take notes. At least look like you’re listening.
  • Nordstrom gift card. Dress to impress. Cut off jeans and your college sorority sweatshirt is not going cut it. Go shopping and get something that will help you feel confident, professional and classy. You can never go wrong with a shopping spree at Nordstrom, period.
  • File folders {Target}. Your resume will stand out in a metallic folder with your name on it. If you shine, your resume should too.
  • Starbucks VIA. Stay awake for the interview, and since you’re post-college, you’re broke. No fancy latte’s for you.
  • You Got This banner {via our awesome Silhouette cutting machine}. You worked your butt off to graduate from school. Never forget that you’re a boss babe {or dude}, and believe in yourself. YOU GOT THIS. Hang the banner in your room before and after the interview for a personal pep talk.
  • Thank you cards. You will get extra points for writing a hand-written thank you note post interview. No texting, please.


{images via j. sorelle}