DIY Graduation Gift: Interview in a Box


It’s Graduation time. It’s time a quarter life crisis may be imminent. It’s time to navigate the real world. It’s time to find a JOB. It’s time to move back in with mom and dad, or pay your own rent. It’s time to ponder if that major that seemed like a good idea at the time may have, in fact, been a waste of time. It’s time to show the real world what you can do!

With our cute new file folder, we created an affordable and unique DIY Graduation gift idea we think every graduate needs this year…Interview in a Box.


We know our knees buckled with nervousness before every interview and our parents always had the best advice. Just be yourself and do your best. So, with a little wisdom from mom and dad, and a few essentials from Interview in a Box, your interview will be a smashing success.

Interview in a Box 


What’s included for the new graduate:

  • DIY brushstroke file folder. Don’t bring this to the interview. Keep it at home, and get organized.
  • Water bottle. Stay hydrated. No one wants cotton breath.
  • Breath mints. Don’t make the interviewer turn his head with a queasy stomach with your morning coffee breath.
  • Notepad and pens {Target, $3}. Be smart and take notes. At least look like you’re listening.
  • Nordstrom gift card. Dress to impress. Cut off jeans and your college sorority sweatshirt is not going cut it. Go shopping and get something that will help you feel confident, professional and classy. You can never go wrong with a shopping spree at Nordstrom, period.
  • File folders {Target}. Your resume will stand out in a metallic folder with your name on it. If you shine, your resume should too.
  • Starbucks VIA. Stay awake for the interview, and since you’re post-college, you’re broke. No fancy latte’s for you.
  • You Got This banner {via our awesome Silhouette cutting machine}. You worked your butt off to graduate from school. Never forget that you’re a boss babe {or dude}, and believe in yourself. YOU GOT THIS. Hang the banner in your room before and after the interview for a personal pep talk.
  • Thank you cards. You will get extra points for writing a hand-written thank you note post interview. No texting, please.


{images via j. sorelle}

etsy love: fleur de lis

Our go-to spot for stationery is of course, Fleur de Lis, but sometimes its hard to make it into the store, so we are grateful Fleur de Lis is on etsy. Jenna has designed some beautiful invites, and although not all are up yet {we are working on it}, there are some lovely, fun and creative designs posted. And, if you don’t see exactly what you’re looking for your next party, just send us an email at and for just $20 Jenna can design it. Whatever your pretty little, party planning heart contents.

I promise, I’m her most difficult customer. 🙂 Seriously, I don’t think anyone is more picky and obsessive compulsive when it comes to my invites than me. Would you agree Jenna?? So, she would happily take orders from other people.

Visit our shop today. All the old favorite are there…as well some of the newbies below.

French Bulldog Shower Invite

Ski Lift Ticket Rehearsal Invitation

Sparkle Engagement Invite

will you be my bridesmaid? 

beer and diapers shower invite

nursing party invitation and rx labels

bug invitation for all those summer birthdays coming up

baseball shower invitation and party set
{this is so cute, I can hardly stand it…love your taste Lori. btw, photos of this shower are coming your way soon}

Lemonade Invite
{perfect for this summer parties and showers}

carrie bradshaw quotes, 8×10 prints
{gotta love Sex and the City}

{images via Fleur de Lis}

PINTEREST pics of the week: gifts for the grad

It’s that time of year we celebrate those who are about to embark on a new journey in their lives. Maybe they are about to enter the fun and crazy-filled college years. Or, maybe they are celebrating a milestone of a college graduation and about to enter the ‘real world.’ We salute you grads of 2012. Congrats!

For those of you stopping by the endless open houses and celebrations, we found some fun and creative gift ideas via our new favorite site, Pinterest, that will make your gift stand out from the crowd.
{BTW, you can follow us on Pinterest by clicking here}

8 x 10 Art Print She Turned Her Dreams Into Plans by Lindsey at Pen and Paint via Etsy. Lindsay at Pen and Paint is offering Tutto Bella readers 10% off with code BELLA10. 

Write Your Own Way Necklace, Waxing Poetic {$79}

DIY Caddy, Creation Corner
{fill a shower caddy with Top Ramen, a book reading light, ear plugs, shower shoes, 5 hour energy, first aid kit, Febreeze, Pop Tarts, Hand Sanitizer, ear plugs, etc…visit Artsy MaQnolias for more kit ideas}

We all know new grads LOVE and NEED money, so step out of the box a bit and package it creatively with a…

Money Lei, Your Home Based Parties

Here are some other grad gift ideas we found around the web too…

Dogeared Jewels Forget Me Not Necklace, $64 from Zappos
{Make a wish and put on your necklace. wear it as a reminder that I love you.}

Here’s to You by Dan Zadra and Kristel Wills, $14.95 from Compendium Incorporated
{This company has SO MANY great products and gifts for the grad including, Dream Every Day Journal, The Book of 5 by Dan Zadra and I Believe in You by Dan Zadra}

Curly Girl Stainless Steel Travel Mug, Shine Your Light on the World, $19.99 from Amazon
{this would be adorable filled with a Starbucks gift card or VIA packets for all the late night studying for those soon-to-be college students…I bought this for some of my grad parties this year}

{images via Pen and Paint, Waxing Poetic, Creation Corner, Your Home Based PartiesZappos, Compendium Incorporated and Amazon}

POST-IT party for the grad

I am so excited about this idea because we all use Post-it® notes {my sister Jenna is about as obsessed as Oprah} and what a relevant product to decorate a party with for a new grad. The colors are bright. The ideas are endless. The cost is affordable. The cuteness is unbearable. Here are some of my ideas ~ now I just need a party to put them into action. Anyone want me to plan their Post-it® Grad Party? 🙂

David Stark is a genius planner {his recent book David Stark Design looks fabulous} and I am so impressed with his Post-it® decor on a recent episode of The Nate Berkus Show episode and a party seen below.
{yes, those are vases covered with colored pencils, rolling hills with pencils and post it notes and pencils for guests to doodle at each place setting ~ all of which are totally doable for a grad party}

This David Stark DIY Fridge Project featured on Design Sponge provides excellent how-to details for a Post-it® backdrop for your upcoming grad party, or simple fridge decor.

I absolutely LOVE Chris from Celebrations at HomeA Bright Future‘ graduation party. Because Post-it® Notes are bright, some of her ideas would work wonderfully with our party theme. You must check out her entire party post here, but for now make sure your guests can enjoy bright-colored candy {to match your Post-Its} placed inside light bulbs in honor of your ‘bright’ child. Chris, you are so creative.

This Post-It Mini Clipboard for $4 by Acarrdian Cards on Etsy would be an adorable favor for friends to take home.

For all your single minglers or forgetful minded guests {like me}, your guests can exchange numbers at your party with these Post-It-shaped Watches available at Paris Boutique PA Design for $13.60

Create a Post-it® Note tree or wall where people can grab notes individually and write notes of advice to the new grad. Once they write a note, have a table close by with a 8.5×11 book for 6 spots per page for Post-it® Notes. It will serve as a ‘guest book’ for the grad to keep forever.

Other ideas:

Work with Jenna at Fleur de Lis, a paperie, to create a Post-It Note Invite. She can work with you to design it. I promise it will be cute.

Design a background that says ‘congrats’ with Post-Its, along with Post-It message, like Martha Stewart did in the top photo on kraft paper.

{images via David Stark Sketchbook, Design Sponge, Celebrations at HomeAcarrdian Cards, PA Design, Modern Kiddo}

grad par-tay

Are you graduating in a few weeks? If you are, (and are throwing a party to celebrate), check out these fun decor ideas to make your grad party one to remember.

I was browsing on The Party Dress and found these cute graduation cap pops by Bakerella. So simple yet creative.

grad pops

You’ll need: Airheads Extremes Rainbow Berry Sweetly Sour Belts, mini Reese’s peanut butter cups, lollipop sticks, a styrofoam block and Godiva chocolate squares. Visit Bakerella for “how-to” instructions.

I recently graduated from college and my parents threw me a fantastic grad party at Crimson & Gold Tavern. My invitations and thank-you notes were totally fabulous, thanks to Bonnie Marcus (available at Fleur de Lis). How cute and chic is the girl on this invite? I had to have her on my invitations and thank-you notes!

bonnie marcus stationery

We decided to carry the image from the stationery  throughout the decor. This fashionista grad was the center of the decor at the party:

Just go to Kinko’s and enlarge whatever image you like, attach it to a colored-poster board and hang it on the wall!

We had yummy cupcakes from Intricate Icings and added a little something special on top – cupcake toppers! A fun, easy way to decorate your deserts. All you need are crazy-scissors, double-sided tape, a hot glue gun and a lollipop stick! And yes, we had the grad image on the toppers, duh!


Wondering what to gift to give a grad? Oh, the Places You’ll Go! is a cute little something that is perfectly fitting for a recent grad. My niece and nehphew gave me a copy when I graduated – I loved it! Pair it with money or a gift card 🙂

barnes & noble

{images via tutto bella, The Party Dress and Barnes & Noble}