DIY 3D Frames With The Most Adorable Floral Crowns


Spring has sprung, which makes us so so happy. Give us all the flower projects because the snow is on it’s way out, and green leaves and beautiful blooms are going to take center stage once again.

We’ve always wanted to wear floral crowns. I can’t believe we haven’t done it in real life yet. We really need to add that to our bucket list. But, now at least a photo of us with floral crowns lives on our walls, which is enough to make us smile.

All the how-to details are on Momtastic. Mom would love one for Mother’s Day, just sayin’…

What Unicorn Dreams Are Made Of: A Magical DIY Unicorn Letter


Our daughters dream of sliding down colorful rainbows, playing with fairies and sparkling pixie dust, and riding on unicorns. So, it’s no surprise they were head over heels in love with out latest craft for their bedrooms, a DIY unicorn letter. It’s unicorn magic in one simple letter.

Every little girls needs one…all the details on how to make them are at Momtastic. By the way, it’s a totally doable craft even for the most non-crafty person you know. Try it!

DIY unicorn letter magical room decor

DIY Rainbow Soap To Brighten Your Day

DIY RAINBOW SOAP for St. Patrick's Day

One of our favorite new crafts around here is making DIY soap. Jessica’s 8-year-old daughter can’t get enough, so we may have enough soap to keep our hands clean for years and years. At least it’s colorful, and useful! The variations are endless with this DIY, and anyone can do it. It’s really fun. We made soap inspired by St. Patrick’s Day and Spring, but who doesn’t love rainbows year-round?

You can get all the details on Momtastic here.

Valentine, You Rock!

valentine you rock_love vibes

Let everyone know how much their rock your world on February 14 with DIY painted rocks. It’s really easy, colorful and fun! Get the kids involved – heck, use rocks from their prized rock collection piling up in their pockets and drawers!

Momtastic has the details here.


Stuck On These DIY Planters For Valentine’s Day

DIY valentines day planter-cactus-austin-love-wall-i-love-you-so-much

We took a girls trip to Austin in November (hope to have a recap soon). As we researched the city, and all the fun things to do, the highly popular Austin murals popped up. We never made it to the Welcome to Austin wall, but we did run into the “I love you so much wall.” Just like everyone around us, we stopped to pose for a photo, or two (or 10).

With the month of love (or heartbreak…depending on your situation) upon us, we thought it would be fun to give our mom a small memento to remember “love” wall from the trip. Mom’s have the healing touch, so it seems fitting that we give our mom an aloe plant in a DIY planter inspired by the famous Austin wall.

We know this year is less about succulents and cactus, and more about the sloth. But, who can resist a cactus pun around Valentine’s Day? It’s a plant most people can keep alive (for at least half a year), and it’s an affordable gift to give friends and family.


  • Terra cotta pots
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Cactus or succulent
  • Vinyl


Paint the terra cotta pot. Add the words from your favorite mural (or use the Austin one, too), or think of your favorite cactus puns. You can use paint markers, or paint and a paintbrush. Another idea is to use vinyl to decorate the terra cotta pot, just like we did for the “Stuck On You” planter. We used our Silhouette cutting machine. For some extra personalization, glue wallet size photos and hearts on mini wood skewers, and stick in the pot. Finally, spray the pots with sealant to prevent water from damaging it.

DIY valentines day planter-cactus-austin-love-wall-i-love-you-so-much

DIY valentines day planter-cactus-austin-love-wall-i-love-you-so-much-stuck-on-you
DIY valentines day planter-cactus-austin-love-wall-i-love-you-so-much

DIY valentines day planter-cactus-austin-love-wall-i-love-you-so-much-stuck-on-you

Happy Valentine’s Day!