DIY Paint Splatter Jeans


Jessica and her daughter went crazy with paint! It was the first, and maybe only time, Gabriella could throw paint around and cover her jean skirt with non-washable bright colors. It’s a must-do project for any color and paint-loving kids.

Get all the details here at Momtastic.



DIY Sand Craft and Mod Podge Frame


It’s almost Spring Break time, and we don’t know about you, but we’re dreaming about sand between our toes, salty beach hair and cocktails at sunset. We’re also like our mom on most vacations, and try to get all those special moments on film, or in our case, digital jpg files. But, when we return home most of our photos remain on our computer, and the sand remains far away on the beach.

This DIY Mod Podge and sand frame merges those wonderful photo memories with colorful sand, so it’s one happy and colorful display. Plus, with the base of the frame being an Ikea GRUNTDAL, it can be displayed on anything metal or magnetic.

Get all the how-to details at Momtastic.

And, if you’re headed somewhere warm for vacay, have fun (and stop to take those photos that you will always cherish…no matter how much your children whine).


DIY Backyard Jungle Obstacle Course for Momtastic


Jessica was lucky enough to work with Momtastic for a DIY Jungle Obstacle Course in celebration of Disney’s The Jungle Book release on Blu-Ray Aug. 30. The Jungle Book was one of our kid’s favorite movies this year, so it was really fun to transform our backyard into a jungle adventure.

One bonus obstacle (only seen here) for the course was our DIY honeycomb climb. In the movie, Mowgli had to climb a tall cliff side to get honey, nature’s ointment, for Baloo. Since honey is a bear necessity, we made our little man cub’s climb a diy rope to reach our 3D paper hive.

Here’s how we made it.




Step 1: Design and cut 3D honeycombs using a template online, or via Silhouette cutting machine (like we did). If 3D is too labor intensive for you, we get it – just cut standard honeycombs. Use different shades of yellow for texture.

Step 2: Glue all the sides of the hexagon together with a glue stick (if you opted for the 3D design).

Step 3: Draw a honeycomb shape similar to the hives in The Jungle Book on a foam core board and cut it out with an X-acto knife.

Step 4: Glue the honeycombs (hexagons) on the board with a hot glue gun to fit like a puzzle. We glued some facing forward and others flipped for some added texture.

Step 5: Cut out mini bees using a template online or an electronic cutting machine.

Step 6: Glue the bees onto the hive. For an added 3D effect, we glued one end of a small piece of wire onto the foam core and then a bee on the other end of the wire.

Step 7: Poke two holes on the top corners of the hive and hang with string from a tree.

As we mentioned, this was a bonus obstacle for the course – don’t miss the main DIY Jungle Obstacle Course here.




Photography by Pure Lee Photography

Lashes or Staches Gender Reveal Baby Shower


Jessica couldn’t get enough potato chips, clementine oranges and egg salad with her pregnancies. Jenna loved candy – Twix and frozen Snickers to be exact – while pregnant with her boys. Jodi devoured vanilla ice cream on a nightly basis with both her kiddos.

This Staches and Lashes gender reveal baby shower is so adorable, and has a salty and sweet food spread pregnant women dream of…and a touch of gold sparkle which satisfies, well, everyone!

Momtastic has all the details here!

Thanks to Sylvia at Special Events for sharing all the details, and Lizelle Lotter Photography for sharing the beautiful photos with us.



DIY Air Plant Gift


We know that sometimes the person we love, depend on and count on the most, is often the one we tell the least. This Mother’s Day, take the time to tell mom thanks and you love her. And, if you cannot celebrate with your mom this Mother’s Day, take the time to honor her life if she is no longer with you, or reach out to the person{s} who is a ‘mother’ figure in your own life.

We know trendy air plants are not totally our mom’s style, but this DIY planter is too cute not to make for her. Plus, she really is the apple of our eyes. We would not be the women and mother’s we are today without her.

This air plant is planted {in this case, when we say planted we mean ‘set inside’ because there is no soil, no mess and no intense tools needed} inside a fake apple. Seriously, these air plants are the plants for us. One month since we made the green purchase…and it’s still alive. We call that a success.

More details on how to make the DIY Mother’s Day gift, which BTW would be an awesome DIY gift for a friend, teacher, co-worker or family member, can be found here.

photo via Meredith Moran Photography