DIY NYE Ball Drop with Cheese Balls


If anyone under the age of 12 made the RSVP list for your NYE party, we have a must-do, last-minute DIY New Year’s Eve Ball Drop for you. Heck, even if kids didn’t make the list, adults will love this DIY Ball Drop, too.

It’s made with cheese, so it’s edible and good, plus it’s easy, which means you can do it in under an hour. It’s not healthy, per say, but it is gluten free, so even the gf folk can enjoy.

Here’s how to make a DIY New Year’s Eve Ball Drop with Cheese Balls.



  • Cheese balls {$6 at Wal-Mart, Sam’s Club or Target}
  • Styrofoam ball
  • Foil
  • 250-300 toothpicks
  • 2016 candles or cut out letters glued to a toothpick
  • Martini glass or a wood stick with a base


  • Cover the Styrofoam ball completely with foil.
  • Insert toothpicks ¾ deep in the foil, and press a cheese ball onto the end of the toothpick. Do this until the ball is full, or if you plan to place on a martini glass, you can leave the bottom tip empty. The other cool option is to cover the ball completely, insert it onto a wood stick or dowel rod and lower it every hour like the real thing.
  • Save some room at the top of the ball for the 2016 candles or letters. If you need more room, just remove some cheese balls.


Happy New Year, everyone! 2015 started out rough for us, and it seemed to stay rough most the way through, so 2016, we have high hopes for you. No one sang it better than our dear friend Dana, but Frank Sinatra started it all, and we’re going to sing it and believe it in 2016…

Cause he had high hopes

He had high hopes

He had high apple pie

In the sky hopes



New Year’s Eve Photobooth


As women, there are 5,000 things that go through our heads every minute, of every day. It’s exhausting. Most of the time, the thoughts are negative and full of judgement. How often do you wake up in the morning, and say to yourself, “Hello, gorgeous!” We know we seldom stand in front of the mirror and say, “Damn, I look good.” Instead, we say, “Ugh, I look so old.” “I have bags under my eyes.” “I’m getting fat.”

Well, in 2016, that’s going to change. At least we are going to try. If you haven’t tried, you haven’t lived. We made a fun, chalkboard NYE backdrop full of bubble conversations that we are going to tell ourselves everyday. We believe that what we tell ourselves eventually becomes a reality and changes our way of thinking, so let’s make it positive and uplifting.

Note: Our little shoot was mega rushed, which is the story of our lives, so it’s not as full of props and pretty as we would have liked. But, you get the idea. Make sure to buy a non-glare chalkboard backdrop so there’s no glare. We made the mistake. You’re welcome.



  • Chalkboard tablecloth or chalkboard paper sign
  • Chalk Pen
  • Selfie-stick or camera


Step One: Hang the chalkboard paper.

Step Two: Write all the positive all fun thoughts you are going to tell yourself in 2016.





The next one is one of our faves. I choose joy was inspired by t-shirts that make us happy by Oh, Sweet Joy! You will see these shirts on us a lot because, well, we absolutely love them.




Step Three: Pose for some photos. Have fun.








How to Throw a Colorful NYE Party with Paper

when the clock strikes midnight

If you blinked, Christmas is over, and a new year is now upon us. The thought of throwing another party can be totally overwhelming, but what if we told you that it could be easy and cost-efficient to #ColorizeYourParty and you could do it primarily with paper?


Good, because we put together a colorful and fun way to ring in the New Year with Astrobrights Papers that you, too, can put together in less than a day.

Just like Cinderella, we hope year 2015 is a fairy tale for you. However, unlike Cinderella, When the Clock Strikes Midnight, a magical spell will not be broken, but another year will begin. A new beginning. A fresh start. Another chance. A new love. An opportunity for adventure. Travel. Good times {and some bad times too}. Lessons to be learned.

To celebrate 2015 and the magic that happens When the Clock Strikes Midnight, here’s 3 ways you can #ColorizeYourParty

Countdown Clock and Wishes
Colorize Your Party with a large, colorful clock made from paper. Print and cut out numbers, as well as the big hand and little hand, then stick to a wall. You can use a Silhouette cutting tool like we did, or you don’t need a fancy program at all – you can print numbers via Microsoft Word, and then cut. We used DAP BlueStik reusable adhesive putty to stick the paper to the wall, so it’s easily removable and reusable. Every hour, you can move the ‘hands’ as the midnight hour approaches.

when the clock strikes midnight

when the clock strikes midnight

Before the clock strikes midnight, encourage your guests to write wishes for friends, family and loved ones at the party. Your guests will go home with the mason jars as favors, along with heart-felt wishes for 2015. Remember to use colorful Astrobrights Papers to add labels to the top of the mason jars, and 2015 Wishes tags with twine. For extra table height, wrap small boxes like a package with colorful paper.

when the clock strikes midnight

when the clock strikes midnight NYE party

when the clock strikes midnight NYE party

when the clock strikes midnight NYE party

NYE Essentials Wall
Whether you hope for a magical, butterflies-in-your-stomach kiss, a first kiss, an old but favorite kiss, a kiss from your children or a kiss from a friend, this NYE Essentials wall will ensure everyone will have soft lips, good breath and confetti to throw when the clock strikes midnight. We filled 98 cent plastic ornaments with DIY paper confetti {we used a good old-fashioned hole punch to create bright confetti from Astrobrights Papers}, custom labeled lip balm and pink and white tic-tacs.

NYE colorful party with Astrobrights Papers

NYE confetti

NYE party with confetti

To make the wall more eye-catching, we hung tinsel and white twinkle lights with Painter’s Tape, and strung the ornaments on the tinsel. For the big ribbon banner made entirely of paper, we simply printed our sign, added Martha Stewart glitter to NYE letters, glued 3 sheets of paper together, bent the paper and taped the ends to the wall. As for ‘tails’ of the ribbon, we cut the paper and taped it to the wall.

NYE colorful confetti party


NYE party essentials

NYE party essentials

NYE party confetti


Photo Booth
We thought about doing a glitter photo booth, or even a photo booth with all kinds of paper props, but a simple geometric background with the words This is How G-double-O-D I looked in 2014 seemed like the most honest and to-the-point backdrop for our NYE celebration. You have to own your hotness in 2014 to look even better in 2015, right? We think so.

photo booth this is how good i looked

For the geometric backdrop, we simply cut Astrobrights Papers into 8×8 squares, and then cut it diagonally in half. We used 4 different colors, and once all the triangles were cut, we used a glue stick to stick it to a wood board. For the words, we used a Silhouette cutting machine, but you can trace or print your own letters.

NYE photo booth

We hope you create a unique and memorable celebration using Astrobrights Papers to #ColorizeYourParty, and we wish you a happy, safe and healthy 2015!

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{images via j. sorelle}

side note about our model: Major props to Jessica’s hubby {the handsome model in our photo booth}, who not only took care of an entire family infected with Influenza A before, during and after Christmas, but kindly modeled for our backdrop despite lack of sleep and rest, when we were too sick to do so. 

j. sorelle received products and/or payment for this post, however we love Astrobrights Papers even if they didn’t send us product, and all opinions are ours, we promise. View all of Astrobrights vibrant colors here


Day 12: How to Make a DIY No-Sew Felt Crown

NYE no sew felt crowns

On the 12th day of Christmas, j. sorelle gave to you…DIY no-sew felt crowns for New Year’s Eve.

Our children love creative play, and Jessica’s daughter LOVES to wear crowns. And, we have NO idea how to sew. So, for our Dec. 31 New Year’s Eve celebration, we made no-sew felt crowns for the kids to wear until midnight {or their 9 o’clock midnight celebration}.

It’s an activity and party favor all in one, and it can be duplicated for future birthday parties.

how to make a no sew felt crown

No Sew Felt Crown Tips:

  • You can find the templates for the crowns here. Our inspiration came from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom and she has a template too.
  • We used a Sharpie to free-hand bubble letters and numbers on felt {CELEBRATE, PARTY and 2015}, then we cut them out with scissors, and used a hot glue gun to glue them to the hats.
  • We learned the hard way that it’s best to measure your child’s head and place the pre-cut elastic in the middle of the crown before gluing the tips of the crown together. It’s easier than inserting it once the tips of the crown are glued together.
  • Hot glue pieces of velcro to each end of the elastic, so the crown is easily removable.

{images via j. sorelle}

Day 11: Custom Lip Balm Label Favor

smooch me on NYE

On the 11th day of Christmas, j. sorelle gave to you…Smooch Me on NYE and Every Day After lip balm labels.

We know, how can we possibly talk about New Year’s Eve when we are totally overwhelmed with Christmas just one week away? Because one can never be too prepared with small details for a holiday…especially when it comes to kissing.

Whether you are hoping and praying for that perfect, magical NYE kiss, or you plan to snooze your way through the new year and dream about the year ahead, make sure your lips feel soft and smooth with custom Smooch Me on NYE and Every Day After lip balm labels.

New Years Eve lip balm labels


Get the labels here, download instantly, print on white sticker paper, cut and wrap around lip balm. The label fits most shape and size lip balms.

These make a perfect NYE party favor too!

We hope you make a little midnight magic this NYE with soft, touchable lips.

If you want custom labels with different colors or custom text, reach out to Jenna. Labels made by Fleur de Lis.


lip balm New Years Eve custom labels

New Years Eve lip balm party favors

{images via j. sorelle}