DIY Gift: Custom Candles


Not only can our kids make DIY crayon candles covered with rainbows, hearts and crayon splatter. We can make DIY candles too, but more sophisticated ones. I can see more melted crayons and candles in our near future for DIY holiday gifts. It’s a gift that’s sure to SHINE!

To see how we made the crayons with the kids, see the full tutorial on Momtastic. But basically, all you have to do is heat the crayon with a blow dryer (continuously} and draw. We found that black crayons worked the best to write words and monograms.







DIY Hostess Gift: Crayon Candles

DIY crayon candle craft and hostess gift with kids

We melted crayon wax a couple weeks ago, and the project we shared with Momtastic quickly became one of our favorite DIY hostess gifts. We haven’t actually given any of the DIY candles away because we love what our kids created so much, they are on display in our homes.

Learn how we made the DIY custom art melted crayon candles here.



DIY heart-shaped crayon necklace


We are still on our Crayola Crayon kick over here, so we made sweet Valentine’s for the little ladies in our lives. Jessica’s daughter made crayon hearts for her friends, and Jessica found the drill so they could wear them around their necks. A girl always needs to accessorize, and she needs a colorful writing utensil close by, right?

Here’s how you can do it too:

  • Follow these directions to make the crayon hearts. Super easy, we promise.
  • Use a small drill bit to drill two holes, one on each side of the heart.
  • Insert red and white twine through the holes and tie a bow at the top of the necklace.
  • For the packaging, we used our amazing electronic cutting tool, the Silhouette, to cut rectangles with an I {space} U with colorful Astrobrights Papers to spell out “I {heart} U.”
  • Of course, everything is cuter with Washi Tape, so with just a small piece of it, the package is sealed and ready for delivery.


dig-valentine-necklace-heart-crayon-washi tape

{images via j. sorelle}

DIY Crayon Valentine for Kids

Last year we created cute labels {see here}, and this year we’re channeling our inner Picasso. Crayon art was all over Pinterest in 2012, so for our kids Valentine’s this year, we took our inspiration from the popular, child-friendly melted Crayon art.

We’ve taken that simple idea, and made it a fun, doable and unique Valentine’s Day card for our kids and their friends this year.

The poem, available for purchase can be found here at Fleur de Lis, a paperie on Etsy.

you make my heart melt, valentine
this crayon art is a gift from me to you,
on this valentine’s day, 
it’s the perfect project to do.

find your mom and dad before you start,
this beautiful, wonderful piece of art.

grab a blow dryer and hold close to crayons to apply hot heat
turn on low, and within minutes the melted art will be so neat.

put in your room or on display,
and think of me at the beginning or end of each day.

Here’s How You Can Do It Too…

Use a pencil and ruler to measure the size of each valentine ‘favor’ {we decided to use 7 crayons for each child, which was about 4×8}.
Use the blade to cut along your lines {I also tried to use scissors, but the cut was not as clean due to the thickness of the board, so for a clean, more precise cut, use a razor blade}.
Get the kids help in picking 7 colors per friend.
Use a hot glue gun to glue 7 crayons {or as many crayons as you need to cover the width of your foam board} next to each other on the board.
Place in a cellophane bag, wrap with twine.
Cut the You Melt My Heart, Valentine labels, punch two holes in the top about an inch apart from one another, then loop the twine through and tie a bow.

This year, your kids’ friends will have a fun art project to do when they get home, and a Crayola masterpiece to cherish.

{images via Tutto Bella}

DIY Teacher Gift Ideas

When you shop for your school supplies this year, think outside the backpack, and be inspired by them for future favors and gifts. Some very talented people came up with some very adorable DIY ideas…

Gumball Pencil, Paisley Petal Events

Hi-Liter Teacher Gift, One Charming Party

Crayon Favors, One Charming Party

Milk and Cookies Recipe Card {Report Card}, The Sweetest Occasion
{free printable here}

Crayon Art, Apartment Therapy

Pencil Vase
{a lovely teacher gift filled with fresh flowers}, Love of Family and Home

{images via Paisley Petal Events, One Charming Party, The Sweetest Occasion, Apartment TherapyLove of Family and Home}